Isn't He Lovely

(Harry Style FanFic)
Vanessa Knight lives a normal life, that is until she goes to her cousin's birthday party and meets One Direction. Soon she finds herself falling for one of them. Her and her best friend spend the summer of a life time with their favorite band.


15. The Next Week

Harry's POV

I woke up on the couch. Vanessa wasn't there so I kind of freaked. I got up and walked into the kitchen. She wasn't there. No one was. What the.. I looked around the house and then I heard screams from the backyard. Vanessa's screams. I quickly ran downstairs and ran outside. Everyone was in the pool except for Zayn and Vanessa. Zayn had Vanessa in his arms and was going to throw her in. "Hey mate you're finally up! Join us!" Liam said. I went upstairs and put on my trunks. I ran back downstairs and outside. Vanessa got out of the pool and hugged me. Next thing I knew, I was submerged in water. She had pushed me in. She felt bad and put out her hand to help me out. I took her hand and pulled her down. She let out a little scream as she fell into the water. She came up and splashed me. I hugged her. I had to get this in a lot before I have to leave her for 3 months. Well, one month, then I come back for a day to meet her father. We all stayed in the pool for at least two more hours. We got out and quickly got dressed. "Harrrrryyyy! Let's get some food!" Alex screamed as she ran up the stairs. "Like what?" I asked. "NANDOS!" Niall screamed. I could hear Vanessa mumble "How original," under her breath. Everyone agreed to go to Nandos and we got in the car. Vanessa and Alex sat in the middle between me and Louis. We got to Nandos and got a booth. Niall ordered his usual and Vanessa got a chicken breast fillet wrap. The rest of us shared a jumbo platter. When we were done, we went back home and relaxed. We started watching a movie when Niall said "I'm going to the store. Does anyone need anything?" Alex got up and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and headed out the door. Niall was only gone for like 20 minutes. When he got back we all went to bed.

Vanessa's POV

I woke up wrapped in Harry's arms. I snuggled into his chest and felt his grip tighten pulling me closer to him. "Don't leave me Love," he said in a groggy voice. "I would never," I said while kissing his cheek. "Do you want to go get some breakfast?" he asked. I nodded and he let me up. We walked downstairs. Everyone was at the table. I sat down only to be pulled away. Alex looked at me with a worried face. She pulled me into the pantry. "Nessa. I have to tell you something. Um, last night when Niall went to the store, I um asked him to get a pregnancy test. He brought it back to me. Uh, it came out positive. Vanessa I'm pregnant with Louis' child." I stood there in shock. One because she called me "Vanessa," and two because she's pregnant. My best friend is pregnant. With Louis Tomlinson's baby. At age 17. "Nessa...? Are you ok?" I heard her ask. I hugged her. "Oh my gosh your pregnant and we're gonna have a little version of you running around!" I said. She pulled away from the hug and looked at me. "I haven't told Louis yet. Niall knows obviously but none of the other boys know." "Well go tell them!" I said and pushed her out into the kitchen. I followed her out and awaited for her to tell everyone. She did and Louis jumped up and hugged her. "A little Tomlinson!" Louis shouted and hugged everyone. 

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