Isn't He Lovely

(Harry Style FanFic)
Vanessa Knight lives a normal life, that is until she goes to her cousin's birthday party and meets One Direction. Soon she finds herself falling for one of them. Her and her best friend spend the summer of a life time with their favorite band.


7. The Interview

We walked into the building. I stayed close Harry. "Everyone, One Direction is here!" the interviewer said. I heard a lot of screaming. Harry turned around to me and Alex and said "Ok, you guys stay back here. You can watch the interview from that couch. It'll be done quick, I promise," he said while looking at us. We looked at each other, looked back at Harry, and nodded. "Ok," he said and kissed me on the cheek. It made me blush. I don't think he planned that. It just kinda happened. Alex and I sat on the couch. "Harry, was that your girlfriend?" the interviewer asked when Harry sat down. "No, we met her and her friend two days ago. Their names are Vanessa and Alex," he said smiling and looking at us. Suddenly I saw our faces pop up on the screen thing. Obviously the fans couldn't see us so they had to show them what we looked like. "OMG I'm on TV! Wait, WE'RE on TV!" Alex screamed. "Shh. Calm down, they need to be interviewed," I said to her calming her down, but inside I was freaking out too. The boys answered a lot of questions and then performed a song. They performed "Little Things." Alex and I watched happily and laughed a lot. "Well, it appears we are out of time, thank you for coming guys," the interviewer said. "No problem, but, can I do something before we leave?" Harry asked. Alex looked at me, I had a confused look on my face. "Uh, sure," the interviewer replied. "Nessa, can you come out here on stage?" Harry asked. I looked at Alex. She shrugged and pushed me off the couch. I walked onstage and looked out into the crowd. There were so many people. I couldn't speak. Harry walked up to me. "Vanessa, will you go on a date with me?" he asked. OMG HARRY STYLES JUST ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE! I would be stupid not to say yes! The crowd replied with a simple "awww!" I looked around and everyone was staring at me.

Harry's POV

Please say yes... Vanessa was looking around at everyone. She looked back at me and I gave her a smile. "Of course I will Harry," she said and hugged me. I picked her up and spun her around. I put her down and grabbed her hand. Louis ran over to Alex and started talking to her. "Thanks for having us," Liam said and walked away with Niall and Zayn. I caught up with Louis, still holding Vanessa's hand. "Hey Lou!" I said. "Congrats guys!" he replied looking at the both of us. "Thanks, I'm so happy now," Nessa said. "Me too," I said and hugged her once more. We walked out to the cars and got in. I was going to drop Vanessa off at her house. Once I pulled in the driveway we started talking, forgetting Niall was in the back seat. "So tonight at 6. I'll pick you up ok?" I said. It was only 1 so she had time to get ready. "Yea," she said and smiled. I leaned in for a kiss and so did she. "Hello, I'm still in the back seat guys..." Niall said. Vanessa backed away. "Sorry Niall," she said. "It's cool, see you tomorrow!" he said. "Bye guys!" she said and got out of the car. We drove back home and just chilled. Then I figured I should buy Vanessa something for tonight so I went shopping. After I got home I started getting ready for the date.

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