Isn't He Lovely

(Harry Style FanFic)
Vanessa Knight lives a normal life, that is until she goes to her cousin's birthday party and meets One Direction. Soon she finds herself falling for one of them. Her and her best friend spend the summer of a life time with their favorite band.


5. Surprise!

"Oh yea, Alex, this is One Direction. I met them last night at the party," I said to Alex. "Hello Alex," Zayn said and hugged her. "Uh... you guys are famous. And amazing. And I can't breathe..." Alex said. "ALEX CALM DOWN!" I yelled. "IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" she yelled back and looked at Louis. "Um, why don't we watch a movie?" Harry asked. "Yea!" I agreed. "Ok!" Louis screamed. Harry found a movie, which ended up being Titanic, and put it in. Alex, Louis, Harry, and I sat on the couch. Liam and Niall sat on the loveseat and Zayn sat on the chair. About halfway into the movie I got tired and rested my head on Harry's shoulder without realizing it. He looked at me and I quickly took my head off his shoulder. "Sorry..." I whispered, probably blushing. "No, it's ok," he said as he wrapped his hand around my waist. I really liked Harry and I think he liked me back! I rested my head on his shoulder again. I looked over at Alex. She was smiling at Louis while he held her hand. I see they're getting along well.... I felt my eyes get heavy as I was falling asleep on Harry's shoulder. Harry Styles' shoulder. I still couldn't believe it...

Harry's POV

At the end of the movie I saw Vanessa had fallen asleep on my shoulder. "Um, I should probably get home," Alex said looking at me. "I'll drive you," Louis said and took his keys off the table. "What about Nessa?" she asked. "Can you call her mom and ask if she can stay here tonight?" I asked. "Sure," she said as she got her phone out. She dialled the number and waited for an answer. "Uh, hello? Mrs. Knight? Can Vanessa stay here at Harry's aunt's house tonight? She fell asleep and Harry, being the awesome person he is, didn't want to wake her." She paused for a bit. "Ok. Thank you Mrs. Knight. You too. Goodbye." The phone call ended. "She can stay," she said. YES! "But no sleepy in the same roomy...." she looked at me. "Yes ma'am," I said and smiled. After her and Louis left I picked Vanessa up and took her up to my room. I laid her down on my bed and put the covers over her. I figured she would be more comfortable in a bed so I will sleep on the couch. I sat on the couch watching TV with Liam, Niall, and Zayn. "So," Zayn said making me jump. "Do you fancy Vanessa?" he asked. I looked down at the ground. "Maybeee...." I said smiling. "Aww, Hazza's got a crush!" Liam exclaimed. I felt my cheeks get hot. "I'm gonna get some popcorn!" Niall said as he walked into the kitchen. Then Louis came bursting through the door. "I'm hooooomeeee! Wait, where's Nessa?" he asked. "She's sleeping in my room tonight. I'm sleeping on the couch," I said. "Oh that's nice considering YOU FANCY HER!" he said practically yelling. He could tell I liked her. "WELL YOU LIKE HER FRIEND!" I said back. He blushed. "Yea......" he said. Niall came back with popcorn. "LOUIS!" he yelled as he sat the popcorn down and ran to hug Louis. Zayn stole Niall's popcorn and ran away. I tried to warn Niall but he didn't listen. "ZAYN! Gimme my popcorn!" he yelled and chased him. He got his popcorn back and went up to the spare bedroom. "Well, I'm gonna go to bed too," Zayn said. "Yea me too," Louis agreed. They left and I was left with Liam. "I'm gonna try to sleep," he said as he laid on the loveseat. I laid on the couch and soon I felt myself drifting to sleep.

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