Isn't He Lovely

(Harry Style FanFic)
Vanessa Knight lives a normal life, that is until she goes to her cousin's birthday party and meets One Direction. Soon she finds herself falling for one of them. Her and her best friend spend the summer of a life time with their favorite band.


10. Randomness

Vanessa's POV

Harry and I were watching a movie and Zayn came in and sat beside me. "Hey guys," he said. "Hi Zayn!" I replied. Harry continued watching TV. He must really love this movie. "So what are you two lovebirds doing today?" he asked. "We're just gonna watch TV and stuff," I said. Then I heard Niall run into the room. "PARTY TIME!" he said as he threw some popcorn at me. "What!?" I yelled as I threw it back. He tackled me and we wrestled on the floor. Liam ran in. "What is going on!?" he asked. "Well you see," Harry began, "Niall threw popcorn at Nessa then she threw it back and now they're wrestling on the floor." "Well ok then, I'll let you handle that," Liam replied and walked away. Harry got up and picked me up off of Niall. He sat me on the couch. "No wrestling in the house," he said. I gave him the puppy dog eyes. He kissed me and went into the kitchen to get us a drink. "I'll get you back," Niall said as he got off the floor. "Good luck...." I replied and laughed. Harry came back with some orange juice. He handed me my glass and sat beside me. He put his arm around me. "So, are you my girlfriend now?" he asked with a cheeky smile. "Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" I replied. He smiled and kissed my cheek. We watched some more TV for like hours on end and then Louis walked in. "Do I look good enough to go on a date now?" he asked. "You look great Lou," I replied. "Thanks Nessa," he said as he hugged me. "I'm going to pick Alex up now. BYE GUYS!" he said as he walked out the door. "BYE LOU!" Harry and I said at the same time. We looked at each other and laughed. I hugged him and he kissed my forehead. We watched a random movie and I felt my eyes get heavy once again. I put my head on Harry's shoulder, knowing it didn't bother him, and soon fell asleep.

Harry's POV

When the movie was over I looked down at Vanessa. She was sleeping. I kissed her forehead. I got up and put a blanket over her. I took our glasses into the kitchen and began to rinse them. Zayn walked in. "Hi Harry, where's Vanessa?" he asked. "Oh, she's asleep on the couch," I replied. "Oh ok," he said and left. He's so talkative. Wouldn't you agree?

Hey sorry it took so long to update. I have writers block and can't think... but yea....

                                                       xx LaughLikeNiall



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