Isn't He Lovely

(Harry Style FanFic)
Vanessa Knight lives a normal life, that is until she goes to her cousin's birthday party and meets One Direction. Soon she finds herself falling for one of them. Her and her best friend spend the summer of a life time with their favorite band.


13. Confessions

We got back from shopping and I went to sit on the couch. All the other boys were sitting on the couch too. I hugged each of them and sat beside Harry.  Louis popped in a movie and we all began to watch it. I laid my head on Harry's shoulder. He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arm around my waist. I saw Louis and Alex get a little too close for comfort. In the middle of the movie I felt my eyes get tired so I moved down and put my head in Harry's lap. My body and legs were sprawled over Niall and Liam's lap as well. I dosed off and before I knew it Harry was waking me up saying the movie was over. "I called your mom, it's ok if you stay here tonight. Alex and Louis already went to sleep. C'mon babe, let's go." Harry picked me up bridal style and carried me up the stairs. My arms dangled around his neck and he opened the door. He laid me on the bed and got in.

Harry's POV

I woke up and saw Vanessa sleeping next to me. I watched as she slept. Her chest slowly moved up and down with her breathing. I suddenly remembered what happened last night. I got out of bed, put my sweatpants on, and went downstairs. "Oooh so did you have fun last night Harold?" Zayn said winking. Niall and Liam laughed. I laughed nervously and Louis looked at me. He mouthed "Me too," and I knew that he and Alex did the same. Awkward... Just then Alex and Vanessa came down the stairs in sweats. They each grabbed an apple. All of us were looking at both of them smiling. Alex finally noticed. "What? Is there something on my face?" she asked. Vanessa poked her face. "No. Why are you guys staring at us?" Niall stood up and screamed "We know what you did last night!" They both looked at each other with a face of "OMG you did it too!?" I mean, knowing them they were thinking that. Alex went over by Louis and Vanessa came over near me. I wrapped my hands around her waist. Niall kept cracking jokes and Vanessa and Alex were blushing a lot. When Niall got his jokes out, we went to a water park. I held Vanessa's hand as we walked up to the pool. Paparazzi were outside of the fenced in area taking pictures of us. I didn't mind and Vanessa seemed to get used to it pretty quickly. We went down the water slide a few times and swam around. Vanessa swam over to me. "Wanna give em a show?" I asked. She looked at me confused. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. It was the first time we actually kissed in public. Just then a huge splash went over us. I saw Liam laughing at us. He must have jumped in and made that splash. After the water park we tried to get to our vehicle. The paps were mauling us though. There were a lot of flashes of the cameras and it was very bright. Vanessa grabbed my arm and hid behind me. Ok so maybe she wasn't fully used to the paparazzi yet. I got in my "protective boyfriend" mode. I had Vanessa get on my back and I ran through the paparazzi. We got through. We went back to the house and fell asleep. After all that swimming, it was good to get some rest.

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