Luna Styles

BOOK #1: When Harry Styles is your dad, and the One Direction boys are your uncles, you'd expect drama...but not this much drama. Not the kind that makes you want to sell your life to someone, not the kind that makes you a girl with a blank face all the time, not the kind that makes you cry yourself to sleep every night, or makes you feel alone in the world... deffinetly not this much drama.


27. Two.

Two. I had lost two family members. My beloved sister and father.

I waited. I watched my dad's body for a while. Nothing would happen but I needed him. My uncles had to pick me up and carry me out of the room. I was still in utter disbelief. I had a brother? When I was finally ripped off my dad, I was driven home. Uncle Liam laid me on my bed and sat next to me. I had no emotion whatsoever. Again I was a girl with a blank face.

"Luna, I.." he started.

"No." I said in a monotone way.


"No." I didn't even look at him. My mind was so full of thoughts I couldn't even think. I couldn't do anything. My heart hurt. It felt like it was being stabbed. A million times without stopping. I wanted my father. Terribly.

My life constantly gets ruined when I am finally happy. I miss them both so much. But his words replay in my head. "I'll be reunited with Anna-Lise. I'll be happy."

I want to be happy. I want to be with my sister and my dad. I want them back. Why'd they have to go? Why does my life have to be so horrible. They didn't do anything to deserve that fate.

My mind clicked back into reality and I realized that Uncle Liam was still there, still rubbing my back and humming softly. Then I realized I was leaning into him and that tears were streaming down my face.

Liam was the only one still there for me. And he'd always would.


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