Luna Styles

BOOK #1: When Harry Styles is your dad, and the One Direction boys are your uncles, you'd expect drama...but not this much drama. Not the kind that makes you want to sell your life to someone, not the kind that makes you a girl with a blank face all the time, not the kind that makes you cry yourself to sleep every night, or makes you feel alone in the world... deffinetly not this much drama.


14. Rush.

"LUNA!" My mom screamed from downstairs.

"What?" I asked.

"Come quick, we gotta get to the hospital!!" she cried.

"What!?" I was so confused.


"Uncle Liam!" I woke him up.

"C'mon, drive me to the hospital now! Something's wrong." I panted.

"Okay!" he got up and grabbed his keys.

We hopped in and drove. An ambulance was in front of us, it had my mom in the back. She was standing, yelling, crying and holding on to someone's hand.

As we drove, it was dark. I saw a crushed car on the side of the road. It looked dad's. That was my biggest fear, to have another family member leave me.

"Liam, I'm worried." I whimpered.

"It'll be okay Luna." he put his hand on mine. I sighed and nodded.

We arrived at the hospital and my heart immediantly sank. The paramedics pulled a stretcher out with my father on it. My mom screamed, clinging to his arm.

"Harry! Harry! Wake up babe!" she yelled.

"DAD!" I ran out of the car and went to his side, grabbing his other arm.

They pushed his stretcher into the hospital and tow large men had to rip us off him. My mom and I watched my dad be pushed into an operating room.

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