Luna Styles

BOOK #1: When Harry Styles is your dad, and the One Direction boys are your uncles, you'd expect drama...but not this much drama. Not the kind that makes you want to sell your life to someone, not the kind that makes you a girl with a blank face all the time, not the kind that makes you cry yourself to sleep every night, or makes you feel alone in the world... deffinetly not this much drama.


22. Falling.

"Oww! Luuuunaaaa!" my father yelped.

"Yeah dad?" I ran upstairs quickly and found him moaning in pain on the floor.

"How did you get there?!" I rushed to his side.

"I was asleep and my stitches hurt like crazy so I ended up turning over, but I didn't know I was at the edge." he dug his face in his hands.

"Oh, its okay dad. You don't have to be embarrassed. Remember how many times I fell off the bed when I was little? Right on my face." I lifted his torso up in my arms and was able to help him back into bed.

He slightly smiled. "Yeah."

"C-can I have pain meds for my stitches?" he groaned.

"Of course." I went to get them. When I brought them back, my father was gone.

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