Luna Styles

BOOK #1: When Harry Styles is your dad, and the One Direction boys are your uncles, you'd expect drama...but not this much drama. Not the kind that makes you want to sell your life to someone, not the kind that makes you a girl with a blank face all the time, not the kind that makes you cry yourself to sleep every night, or makes you feel alone in the world... deffinetly not this much drama.


23. Calling.

"DAD!?" I screamed.

"DADDY!?!?!" I got really scared.

I ran throughout the house, yelling his name and searching.

"DAD!" I cried. My worst fears come true all the time.

I called up everyone.

"Mom, dad's missing. I went to bring him medication and then he was gone!" I babbled into the phone. "I'll be right over." she hung up.

"Guys, he's gone!" I explained what happened to my uncles. "We'll come over now!" Uncle Niall hung up too.

Not even five minutes later, my mom and my uncles were at our place. "We have to find him!"

I went around looking and realized, his bedroom window, was open. Wide open.

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