Luna Styles

BOOK #1: When Harry Styles is your dad, and the One Direction boys are your uncles, you'd expect drama...but not this much drama. Not the kind that makes you want to sell your life to someone, not the kind that makes you a girl with a blank face all the time, not the kind that makes you cry yourself to sleep every night, or makes you feel alone in the world... deffinetly not this much drama.


11. Bed.

I woke up in my dad's bed, in his arms. My head rested on his chest, his arms around me. I felt so safe and nice and warm. Like with Uncle Liam.

I looked at him sleeping peacefully.

"Daddy.." I started.

"Mhmm..yeah baby?" he opened his eyes and turned on his side to face me.

"I..I.." I started to say.

He just pulled me into his arms, hugging me tightly to his chest. I buried my face into his shirt, getting closer to him. I smelled the familiar smell he always had. A rustic colonge.

"I love you so much Luna. More than you could imagine. It hurt a lot to see you like that. But, I'm just really happy you're back." my father whispered, kissing the top of my head.

"I love you too dad. I'm happy to be back." I nodded. He smiled and squeezed me tighter.

"What time is it?" I asked, seeing it was light outside.

"Uhm.. only three." he looked at his watch.

"Okay, thanks." I thought about it for a moment.

"Did you want to go?" He asked.

"Is it okay if I sleep?" I replied.

"Of course babe." he slipped out of the bed, kissing my cheek. I wanted to have him stay but I let him go. He needed to live a life while I would probably stay in the house for my life.  

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