I Need Someone Like You

Scarlet Kamik is not an average girl. She grew up in a bad neighborhood. Her mother has passed by a shooting on her block while her mom took her to the park. After that, everything has changed. her father started to blame Scarlet for everything. Her mothers passing, her father (Rob) losing his job, and loosing almost everything in the house in a stove fire that her father caused. Her father has forced her to steal food and alcohol from stores. Her father abuses her every day. She cant escape. Or can she? Who would she meet if she did? How would she fend for herself? Read and Find out!


2. What Just Happened?!

Niall's P.O.V

I had brought that girl back to the store and her father had been called, but I'm am kind of concerned for her. She was in a pretty rough shape. Every time anyone touched her she seemed to be hurt. Her father had taken her home and the boys and I had hopped into the tour bus. We all just sat down and all the boys were asking me questions.

"Explain what happened from the start, mate." Zayn asked me with confusion on his face.

"Well, I was walking into the store but I bumped into the girl. She had stolen some beers from the store. Probably a drunky. I grabbed her arm but she seemed to be in pain so I loosened my grip on her arm." I started.

"Yeah, I noticed that when you told me to hold her. She whimpered like she was in pain." Harry added.

"Then she took off. I ran after her but she tripped and I fell on top of her."

"Ooooohhhhh!!" Louis yelled with a smirk on his face.

"Shut it Louis!" I snapped at him playfully. "Well I put her on my shoulder and bought her back, and you know what happens from there on." I finished my story and everyone 'Oohh-ed' as they realized everything from there on. I looked out the bus window and noticed something on the sidewalk and a man walking into a house. I made the driver stop and I hopped outside. I jogged up to a body laying on the ground, but not just any body. Its that girl! "Oh my god." I got on my knees and saw the girls eyes closing. I heard the boys walk up behind me and I told them to call 9-1-1.


Scarlet's P.O.V

All I see is darkness. Evil laughter all around me which sounds familiar. I'm sitting in the dark on my knees. I'm so scared. "HELLO!?!?" I yell out into the never ending darkness. With still only evil laughter in return. I stood up but I was pushed back down from behind. "Hel-l-lo?" I stutter out.

"Hello...Scarlet." I hear someone say with the most sinister, evil and frightening voice.

I turn around to see my father standing over me with a huge grin stretching from ear to ear. I fall back on my bum and try to turn around to crawl away but he grabs my hair and lifts me to my feet with a confused expression on his face.

"Why so scared?" my father spit in my face and threw me to the ground. He started to kick me so I would move farther into the darkness. I start to move with my body aching and throbbing from the pain. He grabbed me hair again and there was a burning red, hot piece of metal and a metal stick attached to it that didn't look hot. The hot part of the metal was designed to make his name 'Rob'. He was going to Brand me. I try to squirm away but I couldn't move. He grabbed the brander and lifted up my tee-shirt, exposing my very thin tummy as I wasn't fed much. He brought the red hot 'Rob' brander close to my left hip and pushed it onto my body as hard as he could as I screeched in pain. I shut my eyes as tight as I can. I heard a fast beeping noise and lots of panicking voices.

I flick open my eyes with a scream to a very bright light and I shut them instantly. I felt so hot and sweaty. I flutter my eyes open and see five boys are a nurse beside me.


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