I Need Someone Like You

Scarlet Kamik is not an average girl. She grew up in a bad neighborhood. Her mother has passed by a shooting on her block while her mom took her to the park. After that, everything has changed. her father started to blame Scarlet for everything. Her mothers passing, her father (Rob) losing his job, and loosing almost everything in the house in a stove fire that her father caused. Her father has forced her to steal food and alcohol from stores. Her father abuses her every day. She cant escape. Or can she? Who would she meet if she did? How would she fend for herself? Read and Find out!


10. Surprise!

Niall's P.O.V

She sleeps like an angel. Well since she is sleeping I might as well buy her some essential items she will need for her daily life. I just hope she doesn't freak out when she wakes up and i'm gone. I'll leave her a note just in case.

I wrote and note, grabbed my wallet and headed out the door. I put my hood up on my sweater so no fans would spot me and mob me. I slipped my shades on and headed in the new 'Walmart' that was recently built. A Walmart worker greeted me inside and I went from isle to isle looking for items to buy. I wasn't that pricey compared to my income so I wasn't really looking for an particular brand name or anything. Once I gathered her a couple hair brushes, a tooth brush (with tooth paste), hair bands, deodorant, 'lady things' and other things. I headed to the checkout. I bought the things and a girl had spotted me. She came up to me quietly and took a picture with her and signed and autograph. Thank god she didn't give away who I was or I would has been screwed. I went down the street to a mall and went into 'Forever 21' and got her loads of clothes that I thought would look nice on her and I bought the pants in smalls and extra smalls, I don't think she would be bigger than a small. I'll take back the ones that don't fit her. Or if she fits the extra-smalls then I'll let her keep the smalls in case she gains some weight or something. I headed back home and I saw Scarlet on the floor crying. I dropped everything and knelt down beside her.

Scarlet's P.O.V

I woke up all sweaty while panting like a dog in the summer. I had that same nightmare I had at the hospital. I usually get that same one every night but it always feels like its happening for the first time. I shot my body up in my bed and noticed I was in a nice room. I got up and remembered I was in Niall's flat. I signed in relief and I opened the door slowly, peeking my head out to check if the coast was clear...and it was. The rest of my boy joined my head and I slipped outside the the guest room and quietly closed the door. My stomach rumbled and I just sat on the couch. "Hello?" I yelled a bit. No answer. "Hello?" I said a bit louder. No answer. I started to panic. I looked around for someone, but no one was around. I started to cry because I was so scared and I fell to the ground in the middle of the room. After about 15 minutes the door opened and there stood Niall. I couldn't stop crying even though I was happy he was here. He ran to my side, dropping everything he was holding and knelt down.

"What happened love?" He asked me in a strong irish accent. Although I had one too, I just loved the sound of his. It was so soothing. I looked in his blue eye and said. 

"I thought you left me here."

"Scarlet." He paused to look into my eyes. "I would never leave you."

I smiled to the thought and he helped me off the ground and lead me over to a chair next to the dining table. He whipped my tears off my cheek with his thumb and I just smiles and looked down.

"I got you some stuff, since you will be staying here for a while." He walked over the the begs he dropped before and put them by my feet where they were on the ground. I was a bit tall so usually my feet never dangled off a chair. He turned around, closed the door and come over and sat beside me.

"You shouldn't have bought me stuff. I told you I didn't want to be a bother." I said as I whipped the smile off my face to look at his with a serious face. 

"I wanted to." He smiled.

I looked back down at so many bags. "How could you afford this?" I asked him with shock on my face.

"Oh...umm. I'm in a boy band with those other lads you met at the hospital. We are kinda popular so don't be surprised about the fans if they mob us." Niall said with a nervous tone. "Lets just say it pays well..." He smirked and looked at his hands then back at my eyes. He seemed to concentrate on my eyes a lot. He seemed to lean in and I just turned my head down. He leaned back again and cleared his throat awkwardly. "I'll take these to your room if you want and you can check them out alone if you want."

"Umm...sure." He was picking up the bags and I was going to help him but he just said 'No. No. No. You can sit on the couch and relax. I got this' and smiled. I sat back down bar stool and placed my hands on my lap. He was walking to my room before I interrupted his steady pace which made him stop and look back to say...

"Thank you. For everything." I smiled.

"My pleasure love." He said after he looked down and chuckled a bit. Then he continued to 'my room'.

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