I Need Someone Like You

Scarlet Kamik is not an average girl. She grew up in a bad neighborhood. Her mother has passed by a shooting on her block while her mom took her to the park. After that, everything has changed. her father started to blame Scarlet for everything. Her mothers passing, her father (Rob) losing his job, and loosing almost everything in the house in a stove fire that her father caused. Her father has forced her to steal food and alcohol from stores. Her father abuses her every day. She cant escape. Or can she? Who would she meet if she did? How would she fend for herself? Read and Find out!


13. Grilled Cheese

Niall's P.O.V

I brought the large bags to the room Scarlet would be staying. I looked into the mirror across from her bed and realized how foolish I was being towards Scarlet moments before. I tried to kiss her. What was I thinking?! I mentally facepalmed myself. It's just. Those eyes. They are so stunning. A deep blue surrounding her pupil while a light green tugs onto the blue that fills the rest of her orbs. Her dark hazelnut hair complimenting them. I just got so lost in them, I don't know what came over me. I was being an idiot. I still couldn't get my mind off what she said at the hospital. On how she gets beat everyday. I get pulled out of my thoughts when I hear light knocking at the door of her room. I turn my head and see her opening the door slightly and coming in.

"Umm..Hi" She nervously mumbled.

"Hey, love. I was umm... just about to meet you in the living room. Sorry I took so long." I confessed.

"It's fine. I was just wondering if ummm" She paused and starting to pick and her nails as she brought her bottom lip between her teeth. She looked up and continued. "I was just wondering if I could use the loo?"

I chuckled to myself. "Scarlet you don't have to ask. It's right down the hall to the left"

Heat rose to her cheeks and she seemed to find her feet quite interesting. She turned around and escaped the room to the loo. 


Scarlets P.O.V

After I got out of the loo I went down the hall to the living. I came up to the leather couch and sat back down and looked to my right to find Niall eating a sandwich on the island. He looks at me and finishes whats in his mouth.

"I made you one" He informed me with a shy smile showing off his pearly whites.

I shifted off the couch and stood up, walking over to the island in the middle of the kitchen. I awkwardly sat on the bar stool and looked down at my plate with a grilled cheese sitting there. I grabbed the hot sandwich and took a bite and instantly fell in love with it. "Mmmm" I hummed to myself, closing my eyes for a second. I heard a little chuckle from beside me. I looked over at Niall with a mouth full of sandwich. I even caught myself giggling a bit and I playing fully nudged his arm lightly while I had a mouth full myself. I started to become more comfortable with Niall. Hes been really sweet and generous. I swallowed whats in my mouth and broke the silence. "So do you live by yourself?"

"Yeah, but the boys stop by quite often." He looked over at me. "Oh sorry. Aha. Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry, the boys that were at the hospital." He stated a bit embarrassed that he forgot to introduce them to me earlier. I laughed to myself a bit and finished the last bite of my sandwich. "Want another? You seem hungry considering you ate that in less than 2 minutes." 

I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks and I looked down at my plate noticing I did eat it rather fast. I looked up back into his memorizing blue orbs and nodded. He smiled his contagious smile and stood up heading towards the stove top, turning it on, placing the pan onto the element and grabbing 4 slices of bread. I watching him intently while he was making the sandwich. I studied every move he made, finding it quite fascinating preparing food. I imagined myself cooking in a gourmet kitchen preparing the finest food for young adoring couples, old time lovers and picky critics. But seeing myself in that position is hard to believe.

 Niall came and sat down beside me, placing a plate with 2 golden sandwiches in the middle of us. He took one and took another bite. I grabbed the other and took a bite as well, tasting the melting cheese and toasty bread. I glanced over at Niall finishing his last few bites then looking over at me and shot me a smile. I returned the simple gesture and as he sat up to take the plates to the sink. I didn't even notice I finished the grilled cheese until he took my plate away from under my chin. "Thank you." I thanked.

"It's my pleasure." He replied.


Niall's P.O.V

I turned around from the sink and looked at Scarlet. She was still in her original clothes and her hair still tangled and brushed to one side. "So what do you want to do today?" I questioned her calmly. She just shrugged and picked at her nails. "Hmm. How about movies?" She looked up and smiled at me with a nod. 


After watching about 3 different movies and 4 bowls of popcorn I noticed my eye lids were getting heavier buy the minute. I looked over at Scarlet and she was almost asleep. I nudged her from the other side of the couch with my foot and she flinched. "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you." I apologized. "You look tired, you wanna head it in?" She nodded and sat up letting the blanket we were sharing, slide off her chest. She rubbed her eyes and I got off the couch lending my hand for her to stand up. She took it and stood up. "You can head to your room and I'm pretty sure I bought something for you to sleep in and toiletries. I'll just stay back and close down the flat."


Hey guise. I know I promised I'd get this chapter in after I finished my essay, but being the stupid person I am, I got distracted by Facebook and by the time I got bored it of it, it was about 1:30 am so I hit the hay. Dx I felt guilty about not finishing it so I nagged my friend to use her Desktop. This is a really boring chapter but I'll make it up to you once I get to use it again. Stay tuned my Bacon Strips. and for the vegetarians. Carrot Sticks ;D

Bye Guise :3 <33


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