Drummer From the Same Mother

Veronica, Katlyn, Natalia, and Josh were seperated at birth (we wanted to name it that, but that's a movie). After the girls find eachother, they stuggle to find their brother, who the later find out is Josh Devine, One Direction's drummer. This may (will) contain A HELL OF A LOT OF SWEARING.

Rated PG-13 or the following
and Content (JK)
Mostly language


4. To Da Mall

Veronica's POV Katlyn has been living with us for about a week now, and things seem to be going fine. Its not that hard to tell that we're all related, we're all similar with looks and personality. But I still have an urge to be able to finally meet Josh. I can almost not believe that he's our brother. Not only do I want to meet him because, well, we're related, but HE KNOWS ONE DIRECTION. Come on, don't call me obsessed or self-centered. If your family member knew a hot boy band you would kinda-sorta use them to get to meet them, too. So, right now our mom wants us to get some 'quality family time' together. Whatever the f- "Let's go into Forever 21." Katlyn said, interrupting my thoughts. We all decided to go to the mall- we're girls, where else would we go? We all agreed and stepped into Forever 21, each of us going our different directions. 'Quality family time' my ass. I was looking at a really cute shirt when someone picked it up at the same time I did. I looked up into eyes that looked like fire. "Let go, bitch." I rose my eyebrow at Natalia, making her laugh. We both heard a deep chuckle come from someone behind us, making us jump slightly. A guy... in Forever 21.... We both looked towards him. He had his back turned to us, showing us his locks of brown curls. He was looking at a pink shirt with a smiling cat on the front. Seriously, what. The. Shit. Katlyn walked over to us. She was just about to speak when the guys phone rang. As soon as he said the word "Josh", we turned our heads toward him as if it were our own names. "You're outside Hollister? Alright, mate, be right there." He said as he hung up. He turned around and I swear to God, Natalia almost fainted. Harry Styles was going to lead us to our brother. We must have all thought the same thing because we all did a miniature happy dance. "Leggo, bitches." Natalia said, pointing to Harry.   *Hey guys! Your Walrus Speaking! We haven't done any author's notes yet have we? I bet you thought you got away with that. Well guess what, YOU WAS WRONG! Hope you guys like our story so far, even though we've barely even started it yet. Well, if you do like DFTSM, then you might like the other storys that we wrote separately, even though we... well, we kinda stopped working on them.... BUT I will try to work on my story, idk about the others. But again, if you forgot our names or are REALLY LAZY and dont feel like looking at the top of the page, we are The1Dwalrus, The1Doctopus, and ImPolishAndIKnowIt. Thank you! ILY. ~The1Dwalrus


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