Drummer From the Same Mother

Veronica, Katlyn, Natalia, and Josh were seperated at birth (we wanted to name it that, but that's a movie). After the girls find eachother, they stuggle to find their brother, who the later find out is Josh Devine, One Direction's drummer. This may (will) contain A HELL OF A LOT OF SWEARING.

Rated PG-13 or the following
and Content (JK)
Mostly language


1. Split Apart

Natalia POV When we were born, our parents didnt want to know how many kids they were having or whether they were a boy or girl. Our parents could only afford to keep two out of the four of us, and they always wanted a girl, so they kept the oldest and youngest. it's not like they didn't care about the rest, they kept checking up everyone with their adopted parents. There were the four of us, Natalia (me), Katlyn, Veronica, and Josh. My parents kept my sister and i (Natalia and Veronica). Veronica is the second oldest, next to josh (he's the oldest). Then there's Katlyn and Natalia (me). Katlyn's parents told her she was adopted but they didn't tell her who her parents were and always avoided the question. Josh didn't know at all. Our 18th birthday was coming up and i had a feeling something big was happening. I was the only one who knew of this. Katlyn POV My parents told me i was adopted and since i was 12, ive tried to get my parents to tell me who my parents were because i knew they knew. i heard them talking over it once before going to sleep. I am 17, and when my parents asked me what i wanted for my birthday, i told them i would tell them on my birthday. *Le 18th Birthday it was just me and my parents, singing happy birthday around the cake. Before i blew out the candles, i told my parents, "Remember when i told you i was going to tell you my birthday wish?" My parents nodded their heads half scared and half anxious to hear my request. " I want to know who my real parents are." My parents frowned as they were hoping to avoid this. But you can't blame me for wanting to know eho gave birth to me. " I think its time we tell her." my mom said. "Alright." my dad said with the most firm tone i have ever heard him use. He went over to the drawer with their bills and stuff i would never think to look at. He handed me a small piece of paper that was surprisingly kept in a very well condition. I stared at the paper and it had my parent's names and adress on it. It seemed not to many miles away. I figured since winter break was coming just around the corner, i would go see them then.
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