Drummer From the Same Mother

Veronica, Katlyn, Natalia, and Josh were seperated at birth (we wanted to name it that, but that's a movie). After the girls find eachother, they stuggle to find their brother, who the later find out is Josh Devine, One Direction's drummer. This may (will) contain A HELL OF A LOT OF SWEARING.

Rated PG-13 or the following
and Content (JK)
Mostly language


3. Mummy I'm Home

Katlyn's POV My mom led me into the house. "PIERDOL" I herd someone yell. "YOU RETARD!" I heard another voice yell back. My mom then yelled. "GIRLS GET YOUR ASSES IN THE LIVING ROOM RIGHT NOW!" Damn! Then in came two girls came Running down. One blond and very tall. Another slightly shorter with medium brown hair. "Who the hell is she?" the blond one questioned. "This is your sister. I have some explaining to do dont I?" mom said. Then the brown one spoke. "Ya think?" well this should be fun! "By the way. I'm Kaytlin. Thanks for asking!" I replied. Im in a pissy mood. Don't judge me. Besides, I never new I was related to the cast of Jersey Shore. The blonde one stepped forward. "Woah, let me get this straight, I have a second sister, as if the first weren't enough. Why haven't you told me about this? Oh and Im Natalia." She said giving my a light smile at the end. "Girls please, just get to know each other, oh and if you thought this is too many siblings-" "MOTHER OF GOD YOU'RE PREGNANT?" The brunette said. Natalia grasped the couch and made it look like she was going to throw up. "No, I'm not pregnant, but there's another thing that you guys don't quite know about yet." My sisters gave her a horrified look. "You guys may or may not have an older brother...." Our mother said, giving us a hopeful yet anxious look. All three of us had our mouthes drop. "Is he hot?" The brunette said. Oh my God I don't even know her name yet. "Before anything else is said what's your name?" I said looking at her. "Dumb ass. That's her name." Said Natalia. They then started throwing punches. I looked at my mom, raising my eyebrow. "Veronica, her names Veronica." Veronica's POV I cant believe I have a second sister AND A BROTHER. Its even more unbelievable that our mother kept this from us. Now that I look at her, Katlyn does look a bit like us. My arm now sore from being punched, I went to the kitchen to get ice. When I walked out my mom was talking about our brother. "Well, first of all, before anything else, you're all quadruplets, his name is Josh, and I wouldn't be too surprised if you already knew him. He's a drummer for the band... what's it called? 'One Way'? 'One Step'?" Our mouthes all dropped as we said at the same time slowly, "One Direction?" Our mother then looked at us and put her finger on her nose. "Yup! That's it!" We all looked at each other. Natalia then chuckled while saying, "Oh-shit."
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