Drummer From the Same Mother

Veronica, Katlyn, Natalia, and Josh were seperated at birth (we wanted to name it that, but that's a movie). After the girls find eachother, they stuggle to find their brother, who the later find out is Josh Devine, One Direction's drummer. This may (will) contain A HELL OF A LOT OF SWEARING.

Rated PG-13 or the following
and Content (JK)
Mostly language


5. Hug Me Brother!

Natalia POV

We're not stalking. We're not stalking. We're not stalking. Those three words were on a constant loop as we followed Harry's car to wherever Josh was. We all knew we were stalking. But, you see, when I picture stalking, I picture a crazy chick holding a knife and waiting for the right moment to attack. 'So yeah we're stalking,' I thought as I reached into my pocket and realized I had my pocket knife. As Harry made a left turn, we realized we were going to a theater. "Godamit, how are we going to get in there? We're so screwed. How did we think that we-" During Katlyn's rant Veronica interrupted. "We go in where Harry goes in. Its a fairly easy concept to grasp Katlyn." She said parking two cars away from Harry. As we stepped out of the car we noticed someone with a hood run toward Harry, making Harry put his hood up too. "Guys, get down!" I hissed at Veronica and Katlyn. Harry and the guy in the hood ran towards the building. "Cmon guys we have to catch up to them!" Katlyn shouted. "We can't just run in there like this! We need a disguise. Besides, Katlyn, you're too short." I said. Sorry, It's true. "OH MY GOSH I HAVE AN IDEA!" ****** We walked into the building, hoods up, and black duct tape on our lips acting as mustaches. The two of us went up to the guard. "ID's please," He said, and he wasn't exactly walking on sunshine by the sound of his voice. Katonica and I passed the man our "IDs" and waited as he studied the plastic in his hand. He then looked up at us. "Turn around please," He said. Shit. Katonica and I spun around. "How does my ass look?" I stated more than asked. He rolled his eyes and kept inspecting. "Is your back okay?" He asked, actually adding feeling to his voice. Katlyn looked at him and then her back. "Ever heard of the Hunchback of Dotredame?" She asked. He nodded. "Yeah, well he's real." She said before taking back her fake ID and walking away. I followed after them, on our way to the bathrooms. When we got to the bathrooms, Veronica kneeled down so Katlyn could get off of her back. "That went fairly well." Katlyn said. "Easy for you to say, I think you broke my spine," Veronica said, rubbing the sore spot. I rolled my eyes and ripped the duct tape off of my lip. "SON OF A WHORE!" I yelled out, touching my now sore and pink lip. Katlyn followed my footsteps, yelling out too many explicit words for the human eyes to read (sorry guys). "So do we know where the actual stage is in this place?" I asked as we walked around in the hallways. "Well let's see," Said Veronica, opening two big doors, of course, leading to the theater. "They don't know how special you are, They don't know what you've done to my heart." I looked towards the stage, hearing the voice I've put on replay for months. The faces I've had countless debates on which one should be the lock screen on my phone. And then there he was. My brother, standing next to Louis Tomlinson. This is not real life holy shit what if he doesn't believe us what if they kick us out WHAT IF LOUIS WON'T BE MY BITCH OMGOMGOMG. "Time out guys," Louis said to the others. "Can we help you girls with something?" He's talking to me holy what is life. "Actually, can we speak with Josh?" I said as calmly as I could. "Sure, come on up here." Niall said this time. Air. Air. Accent. Air. We walked up on the stage and pulled Josh aside. "Can I help you?" He said raising his eyebrows. "Alright Josh, you may not believe us at first, but just let us finish, ok?" Veronica said. He nodded. "Okay, Josh, there's no easy way to say this to you but-" "KISS MY ASS!" Niall yelled, pointing at his bum which was directed towards Zayn. They all started cracking up. Even I was gasping for air along with Katlyn, while Veronica was just trying to get her sentence out. "Josh you-" Veronica tried to get her sentence out, but Zayn retaliated at Niall, holding up his middle finger ending with a, "Fuck you, ya dirty leprechaun." Liam and Louis were thrusting to 'Rock Me'. Really. Really. Hard. 'And I thought I couldn't breathe before' I thought. And Harry, where is Harry? "YOLO!" Harry yelled out while knocking Josh to the ground. "JOSH YOU'RE ADOPTED!" Veronica finally yelled out. "Reaaal gentle Ernie...." I said, with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.  Josh just looked at us like we were crazy. "HUG ME BROTHA!" Katlyn yelled out, opening her arms for Josh. No reaction. You could have knocked him down with a feather if he were standing. I looked around. Everyone seemed confused. I finally decided to explain. "Josh, you're our brother. You have to believe me, we followed Harry's car for too long to be turned down. Go ahead and try to kick us out. Go get 'Mr. Smiles' the guard out there. But no matter how hard you try, we will keep our ground until you get in our car." I said. Louis laughed through his nose. Yeah, maybe the last part sounded kinda bad.... "She means until you believe us." Katlyn corrected me. "No, he should get into our car. It's a Mustang." I said, winking at him. Josh still seemed kind of torn. "They do seem a lot like you. With all of the excessive talking and all." Liam said, coming next to us. He put his arm around Veronica's shoulder. Oh my gosh, I wish I could see inside her mind right now. "Cmon mate, go see where they take you and talk to them. Besides, even if you're not related I bet it'll be fun." Harry winked at Josh. Dirty little- "I believe you." Josh said. Our mouths hung open. I don't get why we were so surprised. I guess we thought it was going to be more of a challenge. "Let's go to Nando's and talk." Katlyn suggested. "YES!" Niall responded running over to us and grabbing his coat. "LAST ONE TO THE CAR IS A ROTTEN CHICKEN!" He said running out the doors.

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