Drummer From the Same Mother

Veronica, Katlyn, Natalia, and Josh were seperated at birth (we wanted to name it that, but that's a movie). After the girls find eachother, they stuggle to find their brother, who the later find out is Josh Devine, One Direction's drummer. This may (will) contain A HELL OF A LOT OF SWEARING.

Rated PG-13 or the following
and Content (JK)
Mostly language



Katlyn's POV If I'm going to my parents house, to whom I just found out lives in England, I would need to pack. I grabbed some of my favorite summer dresses, some pants and awesome stuff like that. I would explain more, but honestly, nobody cares at all. I went to the bathroom to shower quickly. When I got out I put on a pair of white skinny jeans, a deep green plaid button up, some dark green flats, a white purse, and my emerald necklace my REAL mother gave me when I was born. See, I told you you wouldn't care. I put my iPod in my purse an put my phone in there too. I checked my makeup bag to make sure I had everything. Then I grabbed my duffel bag and went downstairs. My parents just woke up and I could see the tears in their eyes. They always did hate waking up. I hugged them for a goodbye. I was planning on staying for a month or two with my real family. I grabbed my keys and walked out the door, tears already forming. We live outside of England so it isn't too far, about an hour at the most. I started my car and I was off. After so much frikkin traffic I'm going to kill someone... I got to the door and rang the doorbell. A woman in her maybe mid forties answered. "Can I help you?" she asked with sympathy in her voice. Bitch please, I'm not that poor. I don't want yo pity fest. "Yes, did you have happened to give up a daughter when you had children?" I asked. "Y-yes?" she stutters with tears forming. I don't know why though. But I do have that effect on people. "Hi mom!" I begin to cry, tears streaming down my face. And then she just stood there. Mouth open, eyes wide. Wow, I must really look good today. She finally embraced me and we standed there like that for a while.

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