The Day the Angels Almost Took Her

A shorty about my little sister that has type 1 diabetes. We almost lost her the day she was diagnosed.


1. I Will Never Forget

It was a large room, with a lot of people talking to each other. The room was bright from the lights all around us. It stunk like ammonia in the air. And the sound of phones ringing. Followed by the taste of saltiness of tears.

That day my little sister Amanda was very ill, I remember that day very well, i just got home from school, I remember seeing my little sister laying there. The fear went through me. I knew right then that something was not right. So we rushed her to the hospital. When we got there they made us wait in the waiting room as we watched Amanda go into unconsciousness. My mom was trying to get someone to help us, but they kept telling us we had to wait our turn. I saw the look in my mom's eyes as she watched Amanda lying there like a rag doll. By this point Amanda was turning purple. Finally someone that was waiting told us to run back there instead of waiting to be called. As we passed through those emergency room doors, the doctors ran up to us, and grabbed Amanda out of my step dad's arms. A nurse guided me and my other sister back to the waiting room where we sat and cried. We bought something to eat out of the vending machines, while we waited for our Aunt to come get us. We stayed with our Aunt while Amanda was in the hospital for a week and a half. The doctor told us that Amanda had type 1 diabetes, that when we brought her in that she was going into a diabetic Coma. And I will never forget the fear of almost losing her.

It's been twelve years since Amanda was diagnosed, and everyday I watch her stick her finger to check her sugar, and watch her have to wear her pump everyday. In my eyes she's still my normal little sister. And she has so much courage and bravery. She might have a disease, but it doesn't mean she can't live a normal life.

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