Stole My Heart *FINISHED*

When Mariah (One Direction Infected),Cameron (CameronM),Carynn send a email to One Direction saying they would like to join them on the tour, the never thought they'd say yes. To their surprise they do! They all fall for a member. Carynn falls for Louis,Cameron for Liam, and Mariah ends up with Harry but Niall confesses his undying love, sending her into a spiral of confusion.She slowly fades in and out of relationships, love, hate, and many arguments. The hate builds up. People are voting for Team Niall and Team Harry like we are in a twilight spoof! Carynn starts to hate her and leaves when she gets smacked in the face by Mariah who was easily angered when she kissed Harry even though Mariah was with Niall. People start to hate her so much she can't think straight.There are some good people who stand up for her. Who will she end up with or will she just leave, leaving both boys torn? Will the hate stop? Who will get the most votes on the teams? Will her feet ever land on the ground?


3. Undying Love For Me?

I woke up in a startled way because down the hall i heard yelling coming from Niall's room. It sounded like Harry and Niall but i couldn't make out what they were saying. I heard my name and then a little more yelling and a door slam hard.I made my way down the hall softly when i was sure he was alone."Niall" i called softly through the door."go away"i heard a small sob escape. I should have respected his wishes but I burst through the door anyway. He was puffy eyed and his eyes were bright red from crying. He was surrounded in tissues (at least he isn't afraid to cry). i sat down next to him. "what's wrong?" i asked. "Harry always steals everything from me"he blurted out. "what did he steal this time"i found my self soon asking. he pointed to me and stifled another sob. "ME?"i said in disbelief. He nodded and cried more."awwwww,Ni! If You told me that you wouldn't have competition because I love you"i told him"but i love Harry .God this is so freaking confusinghe smiled sympathetically and i laughed at my situation.i left and walked back.

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