Stole My Heart *FINISHED*

When Mariah (One Direction Infected),Cameron (CameronM),Carynn send a email to One Direction saying they would like to join them on the tour, the never thought they'd say yes. To their surprise they do! They all fall for a member. Carynn falls for Louis,Cameron for Liam, and Mariah ends up with Harry but Niall confesses his undying love, sending her into a spiral of confusion.She slowly fades in and out of relationships, love, hate, and many arguments. The hate builds up. People are voting for Team Niall and Team Harry like we are in a twilight spoof! Carynn starts to hate her and leaves when she gets smacked in the face by Mariah who was easily angered when she kissed Harry even though Mariah was with Niall. People start to hate her so much she can't think straight.There are some good people who stand up for her. Who will she end up with or will she just leave, leaving both boys torn? Will the hate stop? Who will get the most votes on the teams? Will her feet ever land on the ground?


1. The invitation

I love one direction a lot. I keep tracks on their twitter accounts Facebook pages and all.I have Carynn and Cameron my two Best Friends over. We got online and emailed 1D our favorite band . * email* Dear One Direction, My friends and I are huge fans. We always watch your videos and are coming to the concert in June at Nation Wide Arena! We wish we could go to all of the concerts! Love, Mariah, Carynn and Cameron *end* In a hour we got a told us that they'd pick us up one the thirteenth of January , my Birthday! We squealed in delight!a " OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" I screamed. It was any directioners dream! In the morning we got dressed and made sure we had everything. We were ready to go when the doorbell rang.we quickly checked each others makeup (don't judge me!) I opened the door to see Niall's blue eyes blonde hair and confident smile . "K, lets go !" He said leading us to the bus. "Wow" we all sighed simultaneously ."OMG" When we walked in we met the boys. "Cameron, Carynn , Mariah. Meet Harry Zayn Louis and Liam" he said "Hello loves" Harry grinned " Vas happenin?" Zayn didn't take his eyes off the tele. "Ello" Liam was Eating a kitkat "Hello" Louis was on the phone . Niall gave us a tour. Louis's room was covered in stripes Liam's was purple. Zayn's was had a lot of products for hair.��. Harry's had two cats . Ours was covered with music notes. I dropped my bags and guitar in awe. It had a mini recording studio.outside I heard Louis ask liam if he wanted to play call of duty black opps. Liam yelled," it's on like donkey kong" Carynn and Cameron went to watch but I stayed behind and used the recording studio. I sang my original song believe , " Believe in me and I'll believe in you. My love and trust in you is forever true. Don't fell bad dont feel blue. I will always find you if you believe our love is true." I was interrupted by Niall's voice. " you play guitar" he asked. " yep I'm working on a song. Plus how long have you been standing there"I rushed . "Can I hear your song" " maybe later " " I was gonna say there's food" " if your hungry!" He blurted out trying not to be a nervous break down. " sure but let me play my song first" I tuned my guitar and started.

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