It was just a car ride ended horribly. Louis Tomlinson could loose his leg. Lottie Tomlinson with a broken arm, nothing too major, but jay tomlinson is in a coma and is stuck in that coma. Daisy is decapted... But from the inside. Phoebe is just a little scratched up. But healing is difficult.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3... LOUIS POV

"So.... What's wrong with her." I grabbed Lottie's non-casted hand squeezing tightly.

"Well," the doctor took a deep breath before continuing. "There is this long medical term for it, but basically what happened is daisy's head was disconnected from her body, but from the inside. So her spine is no longer connected to her neck. She is stuck in a coma until we can perform a surgery. It's a risky surgery, but we can perform it. All we need to do is reconnect the head to the spine with a metal plate and screws." Lottie sucked in her breath biting her bottom lip trying not to cry. "And because your mother is currently in a coma from her concussion, louis, you will have to make the decision about the surgery." The doctor made direct eye contact with me giving me a look of sympathy.

"Yeah. Absolutely." I breathed. Dr. Snyder nodded leaving lottie and I in the room alone.

"Why did this happen to us?" Lottie cried into my arm.

I stroked her hair crying for the first time since the accident. "I really don't know lotts." I let go of lottie walking to daisy's side.

Her chest lightly falling. Tubes going out of everywhere. Giving her medicine, and water, and food, and sodium, and everything she needed because she couldn't get it on her own. I snatched up daisy's hand being careful to not knock off the IV from her wrist. "Hey daisy. You're going to be okay." I sniffed. "Dr. Snyder is going to perform a surgery on you so we can have our little sister back." I tear fell on to her pale white face making her look somewhat alive again. My head fell on her stomach as I sobbed. "I'm so sorry daisy."

Lottie grabbed my hand trying to pull me away from the bed. "Lou. We need to go." She said tugging at me.

I got up from the floor not even realizing that I had fallen. I grabbed my crutches from the floor walking out of the room with Lottie sniffing and trying to pretend everything was okay for fizzy who was still in a hospital bed, she had just woken up from surgery.

That's when niall came running into the hospital with harry, Liam, and zayn running behind him "Lou!" Harry screamed giving me a hug.

"Harry." I gave him the best hug I could holding into my crutches.

"Are you okay? Tell me you're okay?!" Harry fussed over me looking me up an down.

"Yeah yeah I'm fine, but daisy." I broke again harry catching me as I fell and niall coming over to help me. The dragged me over the chair comforting me as I cried.

"How's your sisters?" Zayn asked. "Daisy needs surgery because she's technically brain dead right now. Lottie just needed a cast for her arm. Fizzy just got out of surgery to fix her broken spine, and phoebe is just sleeping. She's just tired."

"Poor daisy." Liam said giving me another wave of tears.

Niall awkwardly pat my back. "Everything's gonna be alright Lou."
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