It was just a car ride ended horribly. Louis Tomlinson could loose his leg. Lottie Tomlinson with a broken arm, nothing too major, but jay tomlinson is in a coma and is stuck in that coma. Daisy is decapted... But from the inside. Phoebe is just a little scratched up. But healing is difficult.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2.... LOTTIE'S POV

The paramedics cut open the doors helping me out. I fell onto the stretcher crying. I could see fizzys body being carried away on a stretcher.

She had this neckbrace on and it was hard to see fizz at all with the blood that was covering her body. I was just afraid the last thing I was going to say to my little sister was hateful words.

Then there was daisy. I was too afraid to look at her lifeless little body on the ground about a hundred meters from the crash, the doctors trying to put her on a stretcher. Phoebe was pulled out of the car bloody, but still awake breathing, muttering things about mum and Lou.

Louis was passed out when they pulled him out his leg half dangling on. I was kicking and screaming and trying to jump off the stretcher to get to louis. "LOUIS! NO!" I was crying an fighting the doctors. They pushed me down by my shoulders holding me there telling me to shhh as I cried.

Mum was carried out last, she was bloody, but she was still awake. As mum passed by me she weakly grabbed my hand.

"We'll be alright." Her little smile she managed to give was telling me to just sleep. And I did. I fell asleep and had terrible nightmares about the crash. And then I woke up.
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