It was just a car ride ended horribly. Louis Tomlinson could loose his leg. Lottie Tomlinson with a broken arm, nothing too major, but jay tomlinson is in a coma and is stuck in that coma. Daisy is decapted... But from the inside. Phoebe is just a little scratched up. But healing is difficult.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1... LOUIS POV

"Louis get in the car!" My mum screamed honking the horn. I picked daisy up who was trying to get her shoe on. "Now were late to Harry's party." My mum sighed helping daisy tie her shoes while she put her seat belt on.

"We've been waiting like 10 minutes for you guys." Lottie complained flicking fizzys head

"Hey lottie! Stop it!" They were soon screaming at each other over almost nothing.

"Alright you two! Stop it! We're going now!" Mum yelled at Lottie and fizzy with this pissed expression on her face. "We're leaving now shut up both of you." My mum started backing out of the driveway.

"Mum. I don't think you should drive this angry." I looked at we concerned
"No! I'm fine!" She snapped speeding out of town towards Cheshire. On the freeway she was driving really really fast. So fast it wasnt safe anymore.

"Mum! Slow down!" I screamed.

"Louis William Tomlinson! I am the parent here! You should not argue with me!"


I woke up in side of this mangled mess. Phoebe was jammed in between the front seat and the middle seat her eyes closed blood tricking down her forehead. Fizzy was not in the car. I couldn't see her, but she wasn't inside. My mums head was smashed into the steering wheel, she wasn't breathing. I heard crying from somewhere in the car.

"Who's crying?" I muttered wiping the sweat and blood from my head and face.

"Lou?" Lottie said sniffing.

"What's wrong?" I said being the stupid older brother I am.

"My- my arm." She climbed over the smashed in back seat getting to where I was laying. the car was flipped on its side. Lottie came up to me her arm bone was comin out the side a bloody bloody mess. Her once perfect white jumper was stained with blood.

"Do you know where daisy or fizzy are?"

Lottie came into my lap crying. "They fell out the back window. They're somewhere on the street back there.... And I'm just so.... Tired...." She yawned closing her eyes.

"No. Don't sleep. You might not wake up again." I used my thumb to wipe away a tear from the corner of her eye.

"Okay." She whispered curling in closer. I then realized how much pain my leg was in. I looked down to see my shin bone and blood gushing out. I could see my bone through the skin. I tried not to scream because I had to stay calm for Lottie. "Hold on lotts. I can hear the sirens now."
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