Dark rose

Dreaming is everything, but at times it could be dangerous.


2. Saras point of view.


When Sara enterd Fallons room she noticed its been decorated. The walls neither red or brown, something in the middle. Scarlet - she decided to call the colour. She had a big posh white bed, it was beautiful, white velvet covers with a single ritch red rose on top. Next to the bed was a beautiful mahogony dresser, with a book and a glass of water placed neatly on top, Fallon had a red desk under the window, which was oppiside the doors. As her head turned to the right she saw a full body mirror, with Fallon looking into it.   Fallon was beautiful, rich brown hair, which looked red in the light, her hair was perfictlly straight and passed her breasts, she also had a small perfect sode fringe. Her makeup was covering the blemishes on her skin, with some red cheeks, which Sara was thinking were naturall. Her outfit was amazing, a classic purple top with a creamy plain learther jacket, blue bootcut jeans and red sneakers. Sara wished she looked like Fallon. 'come on Fallon were gonna be late for school'.   
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