Dark rose

Dreaming is everything, but at times it could be dangerous.


1. an intro.


She loves books. Loves poutting her shelf in the characters shoes.  Dreaming, what would happen if she was the character. She prefered it then her life,  their was nothing wrong with it, but also nothing she wanted. I know she seams spoilt but she isnt. Shes a regular teen girl, nothing unusual; brown hair, deep blue eyes, fair skin with only alottle blemishes, small nose, full lips.  "Fallon, saras here", mitchelle - her mum had a sweet voice, she rarly got angry. Shes the sort of mum every girl would love to have. " Send her up please". Its not like fallon dosnt appreaciate her life, shes gratefull for everything only, she wants something more
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