Look After You

*Takes place in 2019*
Sequel to Together As One (you don't have to read TAO to understand this one) Niall and Lily are all grown up and married. It's time to make some life decisions. (Also on Wattpad.com)


5. Valentines Day

10 Days Later (Valentines Day):

     “Happy Valentine’s day!” Cara said cheerfully as she let Niall and I in. Everyone was already there enjoying the cute little party. Cara’s flat was decorated with red, pink, and white hearts all over. She was wearing a cute pink sundress with red flats and a red bow in her hair. “Aunty Lily! I made this for you!” Calum said running up to me. He handed me a red paper heart. It looked exactly how you would expect something made by a 3 year old would look. “Aw thank you sweetie.” I said kissing his cheek and handing him a pink goody bag filled with candy that Niall and I made for all the kids. Cal was wearing a pink Ralph Lauren shirt with tan shorts and tan Sperry’s. I swear he was a mini frat boy. “Hi uncle Niel.” He said, waving at Niall. Cal knew how to say Niall and he knew that was Niall’s name, but he always saw us teasing Niall and calling min Neil and he caught on. Smart boy. Niall ruffled Cal’s hair as he ran off. We proceeded to greet everyone. As usual, I ended up in the kitchen helping out, which I was fine with. I was helping Cara frost the heart shaped cookies. “So what did Niall get you for Valentine’s day?” she asked me. “Oh, I told him a long time ago that I didn’t really care for Valentines Day. He knows I’d rather get flowers and chocolate on a random day than a day where everyone says he has to.” I replied. “Really?” She looked surprised. “I love Valentines Day. It’s my favorite holiday.” I shrugged. “Horses for courses I guess.” And with that, we joined everyone in the living room.

Cara’s POV:

     I carried the tray of cookies out to the living room and set it on the table. Zayn and Perrie’s twins were finally old enough to leave the house and everyone was fawning over them. They were so cute. “Cara.” Harry got my attention. I turned around and he tossed me a box of candy hearts. I loved reading the little messages on them. I thanked my wonderful boyfriend and opened the box. I took out the first heart and read it. ‘Marry Me?’. I popped it into my mouth and poured another one onto my palm. It said the same thing. After three of the same ones, I poured the whole box out onto my palm. They all said ‘Marry Me?’ The last thing to topple out of the box was a beautiful ring. I gasped and looked up searching for Harry. He was in front of me on one knee. He gently took the ring from me and I could feel his hands shaking. It had gone silent and everyone was looking at us. I started to tear up and tried my best not to cry. “Cara, I knew you were the one since we went on our first date to the carnival. You were wearing that cute little blue dress and your face lit up when I won you that bear. When we got stuck on the Ferris wheel and we talked for a long time and I knew I loved you. You are everything I’ve ever wanted and more. Your smile is all I need in this world. I want to spend the rest of my life seeing that smile. Will you marry me?”  By this time, the tears had spilled over. I couldn’t even speak so I just nodded my head. Everyone cheered as Harry slipped the ring on my finger and lifted me up in a hug. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too.”  


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