Look After You

*Takes place in 2019*
Sequel to Together As One (you don't have to read TAO to understand this one) Niall and Lily are all grown up and married. It's time to make some life decisions. (Also on Wattpad.com)


3. Expect The Unexpected

     I got ready and walked out of my house to wait. Surprisingly, Harry’s Range Rover was already there, but instead of Cara driving it as I expected, Harry was driving it. I slid into the back seat next to Eleanor. “Hi guys. Harry I didn’t know you were coming with us.” I said. “I was forced.” He replied, pouting. “Oh, don’t act like you wont love it.” Cara said, pinching his cheek. “Happy birthday, Lily!” Harry said, followed by the same from Cara & El. “Thanks guys. Happy belated, Harry!” I said back. Harry’s birthday was only 3 days before mine, which was on February 4th. I didn’t see him on the day because he and Cara were on a technology free vacation in Holmes Chapel. “How was your tech-free weekend?” I asked him. “It was alright. But I am so glad to have my phone back!”

          We all laughed as Harry parked in the carpark of the shopping center. Harry got out of the car and fixed the beanie on his head using the rear view mirror. “Where to first?” Cara asked and we all agreed on a store. We knew it was only a matter of time before the paps showed up. Yes, after 9 years of One Direction, the paps still swarmed them like bees to honey. It slowed down for a little while when they took a year off work, but it picked right back up again when they got back. The boys never broke up as a group. In fact, they still made music. But now, they were more on the songwriting and producing side of the industry. They had their own record label with about 6 acts signed to them, all wildly popular. They still had to travel a lot for management issues and to support their acts. Cara’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts. “Oh, Lily, these would look absolutely stunning on you.”  I inspected the shoes she pointed out. They were black pumps with zippers on the sides that went a little past my ankle. They made my legs look longer than they actually were. “Oh my gosh! I have to get these!” I smiled and looked back down at my feet. “I’ll buy them.” Harry said, taking the box from my hands. “Consider it a birthday present from Cara and I.” I tilted my head to the side. “You forgot to get me a present didn’t you?” I asked. “That has nothing to do with this!” He said. “Dick.” I muttered, loud enough for him to hear. “Hey!” He said. “I’m making up for it! Where’s MY gift?” I looked down. “At home.” I said barely audible. “LIAR!!” He laughed. “Hey. Your present is that I’ve put up with you for the past 8 years.” I said. “That’s true, I don’t know how she does it.” Cara said, smiling. Harry laughed and went to pay for my shoes.

     Cara, Eleanor, and I continued looking around. Eleanor sighed. “I really want that top.” She said, dragging out the ‘really’. “Well… why don’t you get it?” Cara asked her, amused. “I’m starting to show.” El said, touching her stomach. She looked at the shirt longingly. “You can get the shirt and wear it AFTER you have the baby.” I suggested. “What if I’m not the same size after I have the baby?” She asked. “Oh please, El. You always have been and always will be a twig.” She sighed. “Okay. I’ll get it.” She found her size and rushed to the checkout. “So how is it going with you and Stylers?” I asked Cara. “Really great.” I hope he proposes soon.” I smiled. “He will. I know young Harold. I see the way he looks at you. He loves you so much.” She looked down. “Well, I love him too.” She said. “Are you ladies talking about me again?” Harry said. Cara’s face turned a deep shade of red. Harry laughed. “I love you too!” He said, kissing her temple.

     “I am so hungry.” Eleanor commented, about an hour later. I realized I was hungry as well. “So am I.” I said, rubbing my stomach. We made our way to the McDonalds in the middle of the shopping center. I ordered a medium wild berry smoothie and small chips. Harry ordered a big Mac, large chips, 10 piece nuggets, and a large Pepsi. Eleanor ordered the same, as she had two people to feed. Cara (being the health nut she was) said she didn’t want anything. “My treat!” Harry said. “You already got me the shoes, remember?” He sighed and handed the worker money. “Yes, I remember. And now you get another treat. It’s your birthday, Lily.” I rolled my eyes. “Thank you, Harry.” I said, taking my food from the worker. “No problem.” He said, playfully punching my arm.

     My phone vibrated in my pocket. The caller ID said ‘Bestie :)’ so I answered it. “Hey Lou Boo.” I say. “Hey Lil Bil.” He said back, muttering our usual greeting. “Are you guys done with your shopping yet?” He asked curiously. “Maybe. I don’t know.” I teased him. “I bet you’ve already got, like, 5 bags haven’t you?” He asked, amused. I looked down at the bags by my feet. There were exactly 5. He knew me so well.  “No... What do you want?” I heard him laugh. “Can you come over when you’re done?” He asked. “Sure, but I don’t know when that’ll be.” I replied, taking a sip of my smoothie. Harry came up behind me. “We can leave now. El’s feet are starting to hurt.” He said, his mouth full of chips. “Okay, we’re leaving now.” I said into the phone. “Daddy!” I heard someone yell. “Can I have a cookie pleeeeeaseeee!?” I laughed. “It sounds like you’re needed. We’ll be there soon.” “Ok see you soon then.” He said before hanging up.

     We pulled up to Louis and El’s house 30 minutes later. I could not stop thinking about how Louis didn’t wish me a happy birthday. He was usually the first one to call and playfully sing the birthday song ‘Madagascar’. 

     We walked up to the front door and Eleanor started searching for her keys. “Louis never locks the door.” I reminded her. “Oh yeah! You’re right! We can just walk in now!” She said, unnecessarily loud. She opened the door to a completely dark house. “Did Louis order pizza?” I asked, sniffing the air. “SURPRISE!”

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