Look After You

*Takes place in 2019*
Sequel to Together As One (you don't have to read TAO to understand this one) Niall and Lily are all grown up and married. It's time to make some life decisions. (Also on Wattpad.com)


2. Birthday

  Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. My laptop keyboard broke and i had to get it fixed. It's fixed now!!! I promise I will try to get better at updating. Please be sure to favorite/like/fan/comment! Love you guys! If you dont like the story so far, I promise it will get better. I need to do all this backstory before i can get to the real story. I'm going to need help from you guys soon!

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  I threw my keys onto the table by the door. ‘Finally! It’s Friday!’ I thought , heading upstairs to me and Niall’s room. I took off my clothes so that I was only in my PINK underwear combo. After than, I went downstairs to make Niall a sandwich, knowing he would be home soon. When I was done, I went into the living room and turned on the XBOX so I could play Fifa. Before I could start playing, Niall walked through the front door. “Hey, Babe.” He said, kissing me on the cheek. “Wait! Were you about to play Fifa without me!?” He asked with mock offense. “Yes…but I made you a sandwich.” I replied, trying to make him feel better. He smiled. “You’re forgiven!” He said as he walked upstairs. I smiled at my husband’s love of food. I waited for Niall to get back downstairs before starting the game. 5 minutes later, he came back down in only Calvin Klein boxers and socks. I giggled. “Niall! Why aren’t you wearing any clothes!?” I asked when I saw him. “Why aren’t YOU wearing any clothes?” He asked back, smirking.

I looked down and realized I was still only in my PINK matching underwear set. I blushed. “Oh my gosh I totally forgot to put clothes on!” I said. He walked up and wrapped his arms around me. “It’s okay, babe. I think you should walk around the house like this more often.” He said. I laughed. “In your dreams, Horan!” He laughed and started kissing my neck. “Niall, don’t forget that I’m going shopping with Eleanor and Cara tomorrow morning.” I reminded him. “Mhmm” he said, continuing to kiss my neck.  “Niall are you even listening to me?” I asked him. “Mhmm” He said again, moving to my jaw line. He moved back down to my neck, making me moan involuntarily. I could feel his lips curve up into a smile. Before I knew it, his lips were crushed against mine. He took me by surprise at first, but I started to kiss back. Soon enough, the kiss intensified and his tongue found its way into my mouth. My hands were tangled in his hair. I tugged on his shirt, and in a moment, it was on the floor. He picked me up bridal style and carried me up to our bedroom. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked me with intensity in his eyes. I nodded eagerly. “Yes! Right now!” I said back, biting my lip. “Beg me.” “Please fuck me Niall! I need you inside of me!” He smiled. “When do you want me?” “NOW!! GET THE FUCK INSIDE OF ME HORAN!” I yelled. He smirked. “What are you going to do to convince me?” I smiled, knowing what he wanted. “Like this.” I said, getting on my knees.


     The next morning, I woke up completely naked with my legs entangled with Niall’s.  I somehow managed to get out of bed without waking him. I looked at my phone and saw I only had half an hour before Harry’s girlfriend, Cara and Louis, wife, Eleanor would pick me up to go shopping. I was exhausted from the previous night’s events and from a long week at work. I groaned and mentally punched the two women for wanting to leave this early in the morning. I turned the shower on and jumped straight in, not caring how cold it was at first. I hummed the words to a P!NK song as the water warmed up. To my surprise, the bathroom door opened and Niall walked right in. “Morning, Love.” He said, hopping into the shower with me. I shivered at the gust of cold air that hit me when he opened the curtain. “Sorry.” He said, hugging me and kissing my damp head. “Its okay.” I assured him. “Happy Birthday.” He whispered to me. I smiled. “Thanks.” I said to him turning around to peck him on the lips. “How does it feel to be 26?” I groaned. I feel elderly. “Well, imagine how Louis feels.” He said. I laughed. “That’s true.” “Look at what you did to me last night.” He said, turning around to show me the red scratch marks on his back. I gasped. “I’m sorry. Do they hurt?” I asked, running a finger down the length of one. “A bit. But its okay. I love it when you do that. It turns me on.” He said, leaning in to kiss me. He lightly bit my lip, asking for entrance, but I didn’t grant it. He groaned into the kiss. I lightly pushed him away. “Sorry, but the reason im in the shower is because I want to get clean.” I said. “Oh yeah, youre going shopping with Cara and El aren’t you?” I sighed. “Yeah. But I’m really tired. I’d rather sleep in.” I replied. “What!? No! You should really go shopping and enjoy yourself! I’ll help you get ready!” He said, squirting a bunch of body wash on me. “Well if I go, who’s going to take care of that for you?” I asked, pointing at his hard-on. “Uhh… It’ll go away on its own. Or I can do it. Hurry up! You have to go soon.” I gave up and started rubbing soap on my body, which caused Niall to get harder. I walked closer and started palming him. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take care of that for you?” He swallowed hard and shook his head slowly. I could tell it was killing him and wondered why he didn’t just give in. I rinsed the soap off my body and got out of the shower so Niall could have his ‘Personal Time’. “Bye Horan! Have fun!” I said, knowing it turned him on when I used his last name. I heard him groan and I laughed. 

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