Look After You

*Takes place in 2019*
Sequel to Together As One (you don't have to read TAO to understand this one) Niall and Lily are all grown up and married. It's time to make some life decisions. (Also on Wattpad.com)


4. 1000 Miles

     I looked around to see lots of food, my family and friends, and a banner that said ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY’ Tears sprung to my eyes. They did all of this for me? “Aww, babe, don’t cry!” Niall said, stepping forward to give me a hug. He wrapped me in his strong arms, where I always felt safe. He ducked his head to kiss me. The kiss lasted longer than I expected it to and I was beginning to forget all that was around me. “Oi! There are children in the room!” Louis exclaimed, smiling and covering the eyes of his two children. “Later.” Niall whispered in my ear before nibbling on it a little. I blushed like mad when I realized everyone was watching us. I scanned the room to see who was there. “Happy birthday Aunt Lily!” Calum said, running up to me. I picked him up and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, Cal.” I said to him. Calum Staniel Tomlinson was Louis and Eleanor’s three -year -old son. He was outgoing and hilarious just like his dad. Calum had many nicknames- also just like his dad. (Although we didn’t usually call him ‘Bitch Face’ like we called his father.) He had pale blue eyes and brown hair. I set him back down to examine his clothes for the day. (He was a bit of a diva when it came to what he wore…..just like Louis) He was wearing a white polo shirt with tan chinos and black and white converse. “I reached out for Elliana, Louis and El’s 5 year old daughter. “Hi Ellie.” I said to her. She ran into my arms and I pecked her cheek. Ellie was quiet and shy. She was quite chatty when you got to know her, but she was definitely more hesitant than her younger brother. She always approached situations with caution. “ME NEXT!” James screamed, jumping into my arms. James was Liam and Danielle’s only child. He was 4 years old and had brown hair and brown eyes. He was surprisingly mature for his age. He knew the time to joke and the time to be serious.

     For the next 10 minutes, I went around greeting everyone who was there. Josh Devine (a personal close friend of mine), Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, Joey Cottle, Andy Samuels, Maz Listhrop (another close friend of mine), Oliver (My older brother), Ollie Murs,
Stan Lucas, Greg Horan and his wife, and all of the boys of course.

     “Zayn! Where are Perrie and the girls?” I asked. Perrie and Zayn had been engaged for 5 years, but still not gotten married. They had 2 month old twin girls named Lyric and Melody. “They’re at home. I’m going to join them soon. Do you mind?” I shook my head. “Of course not! Go.” He kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks. Happy birthday.”


     The party was starting to wind down. The only people left were Louis, El (since it was their house), Liam, Danielle, Harry, Cara, and Niall. Cal and Ellie had gone off to bed. I was in the kitchen with Danielle, and everyone else was in the den. Danielle poured a glass of win, passing it to me, and poured herself one. “Oh, no thanks.” I said, setting it down on the counter. “You haven’t been drinking at all tonight. That’s not like you.” She said suspiciously. “God, Dani. You make me sound like a drunk.” She laughed and then abruptly stopped. “Are you pregnant?!” She asked excitedly. “NO! Well… not yet at least.” She clapped. “You guys are trying!?”  I nodded. “Yes but don’t say anything. I don’t want them to know until it happens. She zipped her lips, but still air clapped. Danielle couldn’t contain her excitement as Niall, Louis, El, and Liam appeared in the kitchen with us. Out of nowhere, Niall walked up to me and started kissing me passionately. I started to forget about my surroundings like I always did when Niall kissed me. Louis wolf whistled as Niall lifted me up and carried me bridal style. He started walking to the door. “Wait Niall we have to at least help tidy up.” I said, feeling guilty. “No you don’t! Have fun you crazy kids.” Louis said practically pushing us out of his house. Niall and I lived 5 houses down, so we made our way home. “Niall you don’t have to carry me.” I said, trying to jump down. “You know I’d walk 1000 miles…” He sang jokingly, referencing our favorite movie ‘White Chicks’ I laughed while he put me down to unlock the door. I ran ahead of Niall and hid in our bedroom closet. A couple minutes later, Niall yanked open the closet door and scared the complete shit out of me. He tickled me and threw me onto the bed where he set me down and pulled me to the edge so that he was standing in between my legs. “Remember this morning?” He whispered in my ear seductively. “When you left me there with a hard on? You’re gonna wish you didn’t tease me like that.” He lowered his lips and started kissing my neck.

A/N: So its finally summer!!!! I should be able to update more but I do have a life so not that much. If you liked and favorited I would probably update more often. In fact, just comment and tell me to update. That will motivate me enough. Also, I want to hear what you think of the story. What do you think I could improve? What's your favorite part so far? I was thinking about making this story drama- free, but if you think it needs some TELL ME! Pleeeease. Also tell me if you've seen White Chicks. Its sooooo funny. Ok! Until next timeeeee.

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