Everyone Has Secrets

Elizabeth is your average girl. She lives in a foster home with her foster sister/best friend, Hannah. Except Elizabeth has a deep secret that she's been keeping for a long time, that only Hannah knows. What happens when she meets 5 boys that change her life forever? Will her secret come out? Will she fall in love?


2. last day of summer hols

Elizabeth's pov:

I was in my room at my foster mothers house. Tomorrow I was back at high school. Hannah was in her room getting her money. I went down stairs to the kitchen.

"Hey Amy. Could I borrow some money?" I asked.

"Please call me mum. I have £20 to give you," my foster mum said, giving me £20.

"Thank you,"

 I went up stairs to Hannah's room.

"Hey Hannah are you ready?" I asked.

"Yeah. I will be a second," Hannah replied.

She walked down stairs with her purse.

"Ok I am ready to go," she said.

We got a bus to the California beach. We went to the shopping centre. We went to my favourite designer shop ally's surf shop. The sell the cutest cloths. Hannah had $1000 from a school competion. She gave me $500. We went to the girls section and tried on some dresses.

"Hey. So what do you think," I asked, twirling around.

"Really nice. Hey what do you think of mine," she asked, copying my movements.

"Nice. Should we buy them?" I asked.


"Should we put this on your credit card?" I asked.

"Yeah. I will put your money back in my purse," she replied.

We went to the till and payed for are clothes, then we got on a bus home.

Later that night, me and Hannah looked at our clothes.

"I can't believe we found these," I said.

"I know," She gushed, holding a cute yellow top in her hands.

"Hey should we go to bed," I said.

"Yeah," She said.

So we went to bed and both felt excited about what was happening tomorrow. The next day would be the day we go back to school and we would meet new people.







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