Everyone Has Secrets

Elizabeth is your average girl. She lives in a foster home with her foster sister/best friend, Hannah. Except Elizabeth has a deep secret that she's been keeping for a long time, that only Hannah knows. What happens when she meets 5 boys that change her life forever? Will her secret come out? Will she fall in love?


4. harry styles

Elizabeth's pov:

Harry was the cutest boy I had ever seen. I felt like I already knew him. He was in one direction on of the most popular bands in the world. I remembered when I first saw him...

It was late in December. My foster mother took us to stay in London. Hannah had bought some tickets online and her friend got some back stage passes. We watched all of the performances. We were sad one direction lost.

After the show, Hannah and me went back stage. We saw Harry. He got me a free shirt and signed a special message on the back.

dear Elizabeth, You are one of my favourite fans stay the same from Harry.

He then kissed my hand...

I thought Harry was so sweet. Sweeter than my first and before my only boyfriend...

During the summer, I dated a skate boarder. I thought he was cute and we had a summer romance. A few weeks ago, he kept on saying we should do it to make us have a better relationship. Then I realised he would do it with me then brake up with me. He was just looking for a fling however I was looking for something serious. I broke up with him and said it was because I knew he just wanted a short fling and would then leave me...

I sat at my desk. I saw Harry was talking to the boys.

"Hey I think harry is coming over," I told Hannah.

"Just act natural," said Hannah.

I got out my new English book  and pretended to write in it and Then Harry walked up to me.

"You must be Elizabeth. I am Harry styles but of course you know that. You are going to be my new tour guide today but they haven't announced it yet," He said.

After he said that to me he just started staring at me and would not stop.

Harry's pov:

I was in my room looking at my calendar. Today we would start are final year in school in America. We were having a massive tour in America and are agent said it is good to get a final year of education. Me and the boys talked it over and said as we had a years tour dates in America so we said that we would do are last school year there.

"Hey Harry," said Liam , "you need to get ready. The limo needs to take us to school soon."

I quickly got undressed and went in my bedrooms shower. I chose my favourite outfit. The one I wore on the final.

After I got dressed, I ran downstairs. I saw that are butler ,John, had made us some pancakes. He made the most delicious pancakes. They were thick and creamy with smooth butter and he poured golden syrup on it. They tasted lovely.

After breakfast, we waited for our limo driver to text us.

"Hey, Steve has text us. The limo should be ready," I said.

We got our school bags and walked down to the limo. We were going to have a tour at the school then go to class. We looked at the sights of America. We saw the beach, the shops and loads of things.

When we got to school, we got our bags out the boot. Then we walked to the office and spoke to the secretary.

"Hello. We are the new boys from England. We were told to come and see are English teacher," I told the secretary.

"I think she is in the office at the moment. I will call her. You boys sit here until I tell you she has come," said the secretary.

We waited 5 minutes till we were told to go.

"Boys, your English teacher is here," said the secretary.

Me and the boys walked up to her.

"Hello, you must be the new boys," said my English teacher, "I am mrs rose and I am taking you on your tour. Ok now let me give you your Library cards so you can vist the library. Ok if you would like to follow me to the library."

We followed her to the library. It was 3 minutes away from the office. It was split into to sections. There was a section full with books. It was split into fiction and non fiction. There was a massive section for computers.

"Ok so here is the library. Over there is the computers and here is the books. Now I will let you get a book out to help with some research in geography. You can pick and country and then show me the book about which country you chose so I can tell your Geography teacher," said mrs rose.

I got a book about America. I wanted to do a project about were I was. The rest did England as it was easy. We were just told that it was that we had to do research, writing, posters and a project like making a sculpture and anything else we wanted.

"Ok now lets go to the lunch hall," said mrs rose," Bring your books and bags."

We went down the dull corridors. They were empty and snow white. They had a few signs. The canteen was quite big. It had table facing sideways. It had a stall for hot chocolate.

"So this is the canteen and You can bring lunch in to eat here or buy something here or go out to buy something from mac donald's or some were," said mrs rose,  " Now I will let you buy some hot coco and then we will continue the tour."

The coco was lovely. It tasted delicious. It had lovely marshmallows. It was just in one word wonderful.

"Ok, now to your last stop," said mrs Rose," We will go to the top floor to see the sports hall."

The sports hall was a big floor, It had a gym, basketball court , football pitch and a gymnastics space.

"So this is the gym. It has loads of new equipment. Now have a small look round and then we need to get to class," said mrs rose.

It looked nice from what we saw. After that , we went to class. First, we had English with mrs Rose. We were a bit late. Mrs rose said she was sorry for being late and then we came in.

I noticed a girl in the corner.

"Hey have you seen that girl in the corner?" I asked.

"Yeah. I think she is the tour guide. Cause I looked at the pictures in the book of who are tour guides are and I saw her picture next to the name Elizabeth (Harry's tour guide.) You should talk to her," replyed Nial.

I walked over to her and talked to her and then I couldn't stop staring at her.

Elizabeth's pov:

"Um Harry," I said as he gazed into my eyes.

He said, looking embaressed,"Oh sorry."

He walked over to the boys.

Harry's pov:

"Hey guys, I think I am in love with Elizabeth," said Harry to the boys.

Elizabeth's pov:

"Hey Hannah, I need to tell you something. I ... think I am in love with Harry," I said to Hannah.






















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