Everyone Has Secrets

Elizabeth is your average girl. She lives in a foster home with her foster sister/best friend, Hannah. Except Elizabeth has a deep secret that she's been keeping for a long time, that only Hannah knows. What happens when she meets 5 boys that change her life forever? Will her secret come out? Will she fall in love?


3. First Day Back

Elizabeth's POV:

I was fast a sleep in my room listening to a song on the radio. I heard 'What Makes You Beautiful' playing softly. I could feel Hannah sitting next to me.

"Elizabeth!" she shouted,"Wake up. Mums made us breakfast."

I opened one eye and looked at Hannah. She was smiling cheekily, already dressed in her new outfit. It felt like I had been a sleep for ages.

"Sorry. I forgot to set my alarm," I looking at the time. 

"Ok. Just get dressed and go down stairs." She said, walking out the door.

I got dressed really quickly and ran down stairs.

"Come on darling. Eat your breakfast and I will drive you to school," My foster mom, Amy, said, handing me a piece of toast. I quietly thanked her and ate my toast slowly. I was not a morning person but this morning is our first day back at school and being the weird person I am, I'm excited.

"Ok lets get you two to school," Amy said just as I was finishing my toast. I grabbed my book-bag and followed her out to the car.

She drove us just outside the gate to our school. "Jason Alex High School" We walked in the back entrance, as usual, and stepped into the familiar school. Most people either hate high school or love it. To me, it's just school and school is school.

"I left my English book in my locker, can you come with me?" I asked.

"Ok," Hannah answered.

We went to my locker outside my English class. It was the area where hardly anyone went. 

"Did you hear about the five boys from England?" I asked, trying to bring up conversation.

"Yeah. Hey we're pretty early today, want to get some coco or something" Hannah asked, looking around the empty halls. I nodded and shut my locker. 

"We have about 30 minutes", I informed her as we walked down the lifeless streets,"Today it is really quiet."

The boys normally went to the skate park. I knew as at the start of school they bragged. They got in fashionably late. The girls would just hang out. Down the street it was still pretty quiet. We went into our favourite coffee house, coco moco. We went to the till.

"Hey Anna. Can we have to hot chocolates?" Asked Hannah.

"Yeah. Ooh I have your card," said Anna," Do you want to spend that money?"

I replyed ,"Yeah."

She gave us are card and we sat at our table. We came here everyday. It gave us a place to talk. I too my blackberry out of my bag to see if Olivia had text me she was head of the parade committee. She told me and Hannah that she would get us a float for us to make . The senior parade would be are only moment to make a float.

"Hey Hannah, has Olivia text you yet?" I asked.

"No, she said the other day that she would text you before school," replyed Hannah.

We stayed still waiting for are hot chocolate. 5 minutes later it came.

"This is nice isn't it," I said.

 Hannah replyed,"Yeah it is."

I looked at my watch to see the time. We needed to be at school in 10 minutes.

"Hey we need to hurry up. School starts in 10 minutes," I said.

We quickly finished are coco and ran to school. We had 7 minutes before school started. I looked at my phone again and Olivia had text me.

"Hey Hannah Olivia text me. She says sorry I haven't text you yet ; I had to get my cloths ready. Any way you two are doing the art float. I'll meet with you at lunch so we can discuss some ideas which you could make. See you at lunch," I said.

"Wow I have a cool idea for an art float. We could have a big green paint pot with paper in it and when you press a wired button it spells go art," Hannah said.

"That sounds so cool," I said, "class starts in a minute we should go."

We went to our English class. Class should have started a minute a go and our teacher wasn't even here yet. Me and Hannah were the only ones in class.

"I hate how people think first day come late," I said.

"I know. Every year were the only ones who show up on time," said Hannah.

Finally, are English teacher came.

"Hello sorry I am late," Said my English teacher ," I was showing the new boys to school."

One by one the 5 dreamy British boys came in and then I saw the one the only Harry styles and when I saw him I couldn't stop looking at him.

















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