Detective Derwent- The Midnight Murder

Detective Hugo Derwent is called upon a case in which a murder is murdered, with 6 suspects to trace and justify. But accusing just one proves to be difficult as the lies and truths of each and every one of them just doesn't add up. Who killed and why?


6. The Store Room

The storeroom was dark. So dark that Derwent upon attempting to open hi eyes noticed that they were already open. He flicked on the torch and shone it onto the switch. He hastily flicked it not wanting to be in the dark any longer.

Against his judgement the store-room was much more organised than he had seen before.

Each file was organised into time and day. In the centre of the room was a live camera. There was no security guy but there was a camera watching Derwent closely. He felt uncomfortable knowing that he was being watched constantly even though he knew it was essential for his job title and life and safety.

Happy with the knowledge that he had brought his notepad he looked at the four time slots that he needed.

The times were after 2; 00 on the 14th of November, the whole file of the 12th and the 13th and the 15th, as well as the file book for names and security scan book.

Hugo turned to leave but noticed something in the corner. Holding tightly onto his evidence, not wanting to misplace it again, he shone his torch into the darker corner of the room. Among a pile of clothes was a good quality artists brush with the nib stained red.

Photographing it (with great difficulty), he switched off the light and locked the room. The room had made him uneasy since his previous encounter in the room.

‘Hello, Derwent right?’

Derwent nodded, clutching the files close to his chest.

‘Yes, now where is that enquiry to sign? I have a list of things that I have taken on this piec of paper. If you could kindly copy them out and hand me my ID. I have important things to do.’

‘Oh,sure! What kind of things?’ the woman said blushing slightly.

Although Derwent really wanted to say that he was married and put her down, he figured that he should stay on good terms with everyone.

‘Special stuff, dear.’

At the word ‘dear’ Katie blushed and quickly garbled-

‘I’ll just type that up for you if you can just sign there!’ she said pointing at a dotted line.

‘Do you mind if I read this?’

‘Nope! Knock yourself out!’

After thorough inspection, he eventually signed the sheet.

As he left to leave he quickly said.

‘The CCTV guy? He doesn’t happen to be a painter? Does he?’

‘Umm.. Nope he doesn’t turn up most days so? Why?’

‘Oh, just asking, I am… always looking for artistic talent!’

‘Oh I  am artistic let me just get my sketches!’

‘Well, I would be delighted to see them but I really must be going!’

‘No, no of course.’ She looked a bit down but Derwent had a murder case to solve.

‘Well, I suppose I will see you later, my dear. I owe you a sighting of your sketches!’

Again, Katie went even darker and ducked her head.

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