Detective Derwent- The Midnight Murder

Detective Hugo Derwent is called upon a case in which a murder is murdered, with 6 suspects to trace and justify. But accusing just one proves to be difficult as the lies and truths of each and every one of them just doesn't add up. Who killed and why?


4. Never Trust Anyone

Detective Hugo Derwent had returned to his hotel long after Midnight. The Hotel was a small cottage on the bay of a river. The head of department had told him it was a good place to start his investigation and a pleasant spot to rest with maximum security. What he was expected to find remained a mystery but then again he was never given many clues.

‘Good morning, you fine and handsome gentleman! Staying, going! Oh I hope you are staying!’ A podgy man waddled up the corridor. His eyebrows were plucked into an awkward shape so that he looked like he was surprised at all times. He ws wearing a bright yellow suit with a blue bow On one side of his neck there was an arrow pointing NW, the other side was completely hidden by a messy blur of curls.

Derwent smiled.

‘Well, I guess it’s you. Looking for Samson ain’t you? Derwento, is it not? The name’s Quee! Lets go down to the record room!’


‘I believe I am! Could you kindly lead me to this place?’ Derwent enquired.


‘November 14th at 9;00 to 2;00 am’

‘Let us rock and roll!’

‘Yes, indeed.’

Excited by the prospect of finding a new lead within the case, Derwent had not paid attention to the fact that the name badge was indeed one for Katie Macdonald, or that the department had assured him that no living soul outside the department would be aware of the case. Ignoring these simple and yet so crucial pieces of evidence, he followed Quee down the stairs down to a storage room.

‘Oh look! There’s the 14th!’

Quee pulled out a file, bulky with papers, cassettes and photographs.

‘Thank-you Quee. Honestly! This will be a necessary evidence in the case!’

‘Well, we really must be off!’ Quee announced flicking off the lights.

‘I should probably take that file-‘

‘Oh didn’t you hear Hugo? Rule number 7, never ever leave crucial eveidence with a stranger. Hmmmm… Oh and I think Number 6 was don’t reveal to those who  just ask.’

‘How did you know that?’

‘Hard Luck Hugo! Better Luck Next time!’

Hugo turned sharply to face a young boy of around 19.

‘Babes! My little Samsonny Bonny!’ called a voice from beyond the storage.

‘Coming Baby Bird! Oh and better luck next time Hugs!’

Hugo opened his mouth to say something but decided against it, he’d seen the gun glint in the guys pocket and he’d rather stay alive.


Hugo could not gte to bed that night. He tossed and turned but onlye when lulled into a false sense of security did the ashaming remeberance of losing the only available evidence to Quee.

No doubt about it Quee, or the name that Derwent could not recall, would be taking great delight in smashing up the only lead that Derwent had.

He bashed a fist on the table, causing a great bang followed by sleepy shouts.

Why had he trusted Quee? Why?

Even Derwent knew the answer to that.

Because he had no-one else to trust. No-one at all.


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