Detective Derwent- The Midnight Murder

Detective Hugo Derwent is called upon a case in which a murder is murdered, with 6 suspects to trace and justify. But accusing just one proves to be difficult as the lies and truths of each and every one of them just doesn't add up. Who killed and why?


5. Moving On

After a restless sleep, Hugo decided that there was no point to sit and brood about the day before. What he needed to do was approach an actual hotel advisor and find the cctv of yesterday and explore the surrounding times of the day Samson was murdered.

With a positive mindset Hugo dressed in his smartest suit to present the most liable and gentlemanly man. And this time he made sure he had his glasses on and his notepad open.

‘Hello, I am Hugo Derwent staying in room 117.’

‘Hello Mr Derwent!’ The girl at the reception smiled. ‘I am Katie Macdonald!’

Something snapped in Derwents mind but he decided to ignore it. He was sure it was just a silly thought.

He then presented his badge and asked for permission to enter the CCTV footage.

‘Sure let me just call my manager!’

She picked up the old-fashioned phone and dialled some numbers.

‘Hi, yes. Mr Mulberry! We have a Derwent requesting the keys for the CCTV room.’

She looked at Derwent and held an apologetic hand whilst mouthing ‘sorry’.

‘Right, can I just have another look at your identification?’

Derwent handed her his card. She scanned it, typed it into the database and handed it back to him.

‘Right, if you can excuse me for just a second I am going to go and get the key and security badge. Also just to let you know please just come here after you have inspected it an dmake sure to let me sign off any evidence you have taken to inspect.’

Derwent nodded in agreement.

The terms seemed liable and Katie seemed nice enough but Derwent was not going to allow himself to fully trust her. He gripped the Stanley knife that Head of Department had warned him to carry. He had no intention of killing but he had found that threats often worked just as well, without the blood and damage to life and liability.

Katie came back with a key, a torch and a piece of paper.

‘The torch will help you find the switch and this piece of paper will have to be signed when you take a piece of evidence. Obviously you still understand that the evidence belongs to Ibis hotel and that any damage or illegal copy done can end in you being prosecuted.’ Derwent turned, not expecting such a harsh speech from such a cheery lady. ‘Sorry! I have to say that boring speech! Good luck with finding a new lead in your case or for whatever reason you need the evidence! See you soon!’

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