Detective Derwent- The Midnight Murder

Detective Hugo Derwent is called upon a case in which a murder is murdered, with 6 suspects to trace and justify. But accusing just one proves to be difficult as the lies and truths of each and every one of them just doesn't add up. Who killed and why?


3. Lady Katia

Katia Hathaway was perched in her hammock and as per usual, Ginger, her kitten warmed her feet. Her long hair was tied up with a single piece of sting her nails were all painted several different colours. She was wearing a top with a manga eye on it and green leggings that suited her eyes and complimented the green gem she wore at her throat.

‘Sally!’ a voice called. Katia stood up and put on her dressing gown.

‘Yes!’ she yelped in a high-pitched voice. Her voice was usually deep and soft but Matt (or Spike) didn’t have to know that. His cousin ‘Sally’ didn’t need to know either. Just Katia.

Katia coughed loudly. A short man with a French moustache that twiddled up at the sides, walked in. His hair was completely shaven clean apart from a little plait that hooked over the left ear, across the forehead and was secured at the right ear. Because of his height, it was rather hard to take him seriously, especially when he was scolding you. Katia often fought to keep a straight face, even though she knew she had to.

‘Sally, Sally! How could you?’

Katia bit her lip.

‘What, Matthew?’ she pulled her innocent face.

‘You pierced your ears? My darling Sally, I thought that we had established during Boarding school emails that you were not permitted to pierce your ears. Or was it simply a figment of imagination?’


‘It is fine.’ He took a deep breath and walked off slightly wailing.

Oops she had never thought to read the emails! Never mind she had other things to worry about, he would stop wailing at some point.

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