They Don't Know About Us

Liz Abingdon is a Directioner, just like all of her friends. But unlike them, Liz has had real boyfriends and does not dream about a relationship with one of the five band members. Liz describes herself as "a not obsessed-Directioner".

When she goes to a One Direction concert with her best friend, Jamie, she is excited, but not more than that. She'd prefer to go home after the concert, but Jamie insists on getting an autograph. After waiting for three hours, Liz is face-to-face with all five of the band member. She suddenly gets shy and makes a fool of herself. She later goes home, embarrassed, then receiving a text message from a mysterious person, who later appears to be band member Zayn Malik.


1. Directioniacs

I sighed while sitting behind my Macbook. I was only one click away from deleting my One Direction fangirl Twitter account. I kept talking myself out from this, so I started to convince myself. "You have to do this, Liz," I said out loud. "It's because all of the obsessive fans. The thousands, maybe even millions of girls who think they will actually get married with either Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall or Louis. The girls who have sent death threaths to the innocent and lovely girls who were once kissed by one of them. The girls who sell people out for saying that they don't like one song by One Direction. This is why I need to delete my account. This fanbase is going way too far. Hit that button, Liz. Do it!" I set my finger on the mouse and clicked it. Then I let go. That was it. My account was deleted; it was done. I felt like rock just went off my heart. I should've done this years ago. Of course, yes - I loved One Direction. I loved their music, their talents, their legendary voices. I adored their personalities, I always laughed out loud watching their videos and interviews. But there was one thing I've hated: the fans. Yeah - us, "Directioners". Our fanbase had always been so much more fun when there weren't so many of us. No stupid 12 years old who had already planned their future wedding with Harry or who had made up plans to let Liam sign a marriage contract. It was just so sickening. And I also felt sorry for them, the boys. I wanted them to be happy and to live a normal life. To get married with a beautiful, not-famous girl and have wonderful children. I felt sorry for them. Sorry they have to live this way. I wish I could apologize to them for all of those crazy, obsessive fans.
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