Forgeting isn't Easy

Carter left to England to leave the spotlight. She hated it, and now no one knows who she is. Carter always works and never thinks of herself, until a certain 5 boys help her realize what she really wants. And just like every other boy, they fall for her. Too bad she wont be there to catch them. Or does she?


6. You're better than that

Carter's P.O.V.-

           Ricky, just Ricky was something different entirely. He wasn't like most like guys, he was overly popular and misunderstood. His shaggy blonde hair and deep blue eyes and confident attitude made people think he was a jerk and a player. But he chose me. He had a line of girls that wanted to be with him and he chose me, the new girl from Pennsylvania. I was overjoyed at this moment when we walked into the bakery.

        I sat down and smiled to myself. I was the luckiest girl in Bradford. Ricky brought me my coffee and sat down to drink his. "Just how you like it love." he said as he sipped his. The bell on the front entrance rang alerting the entering of a new costumer. Like I said "new" but sometimes their attitudes are just new. Sasha Miller, ex-cheerleading captain. She has hated me since the day I took her job. "I have to use the john." Ricky exclaimed grinning. I nodded and smiled and when I turned back around, Sasha was gone. What puzzled me was Ricky walking into the maintenance closet. I finished my coffee and threw away the cup. I walked into the closet and saw Ricky with Sasha...snogging like there was no tomorrow.

     "Ricky?" I asked as the tears bellowed down my cheeks. They separated and Ricky looked at me with his face pale. 

     "I thought you were going to tell her about our little fling Ricky." Sasha said. Her perfect black hair and blue eyes made her wanted by every boy but she chose mine.

      "Fling? Oh okay well Ricky, its SO over. Don't bother calling, I won't pick up. Have fun here. Sasha, You're a lucky girl." I said as calmly as I could, Sasha grinned with her perfect teeth and started kissing Ricky again. I grew uncomfortable. I started to leave the crowded closet when Ricky finally spoke.

       "I'll fight for you."

       "And if you win, I won't be there to care." and I walked out. I walked and walked and walked and walked. I walked all the way to my job. I worked for 3 hours until my 1 hour break.  I sat outside next to an elderly man. It was chilly and a few tears traced down my face.

      "How about a cigarette? You look like you need one sweetheart. I'm Marley  by the way."  the man next to me said as he pulled out a cigarette from a box that said Marblo on it. I took it and he lit it. I put it in my mouth and breathed in deeply. It tasted terrible but the fumes inside my body was interesting. I breathed it all out and it was like all my worries floated away. It was the most satisfying feeling I ever felt. I smoked it until it was all gone.

      "Can I have another?" I didn't need an answer because he was already lighting another one for me. I smoked that one as fast as the first. After my fifth cigarette I felt someone rip it out of my mouth. "EXCUSE YOU! I WAS NOT FINISHED!" I yelled as I turned around and Harry was there stepping on the cigarette.

       "Yes you are." he said as he pulled my from the bench. "Lets go. You need a break from your break." I started punching him I was a little to upset.

         "NO harry, I'm staying here. You're not my father. Go Away!" I yelled but he picked me up over his shoulder.

      "You sir, should be ashamed of yourself. Giving her a cigarette when she is in such a vulnerable state." I tried to stop Harry but he punched Marley straight in the jaw and started walking to  a pulled over vehicle. He opened the back door and literally threw me inside. I landed on the seat and Niall. I looked up and Niall was blushing and laughing. Giving him an icy stare I sat up as Harry sat next to me.

       "Tossing me in the car wasn't necessary, jerk."

        "Like you would have gotten in the car. I did you a favor, smoking isn't good for you. Which is why we came an got you." I gave him a weird look and looked at Liam, Louis, and Niall as well.

         "You see, Zayn got himself in a bit of a pickle." Liam explained.

          "More like a big bag of stupidity." Louis said chuckling while driving.

         "Okay so after we found out we didn't win X-Factor Zayn took it hardest. He got into drugs and was a mess. Then Simon ended up signing us and Zayn tried so hard to quit but he became addicted. We got professional help before the media could find out. He was doing fine until today. We found a new joint today in his bedroom. Carter, he's gotten into drugs. Since we trust you we think you should go talk to him." Niall said as we pulled into the drive-way. They encouraged me to go inside and I did. I walked into Zayn's room and saw him on his bed, smoking weed. I sat down next to him, when he saw me there was a faint twinkle in his eyes. It was being covered with sadness and despair. I pulled it out of his mouth and threw it in the small trash can in his room

        "C'mon Zayn. Drugs? Really?" I ask.

         "I'm sorry if I disappointed you. But it makes me happy and I'm okay with that."

         "NO, singing makes you happy. That," I said while pointing to the trash, "Is going to ruin that for you. What will you do then?"

          "I'll be a teacher."

          "Schools don't hire drug addicts sorry to pop your bubble."

         "It's not easy quitting. I would but it's hard." he seemed sincere.

         "Do you love your mom, dad, sisters, friends, and bandmates?" I ask.

          "Of course.

          "Then you'll do everything you can do to stop this stupidity. Understand?"

          "I promise" I started walking to the door when he spoke again. "Why are you helping me?"

          "Because, you're better than that." and I left to the car. I got in beside Harry and Niall. The car ride was silent and when they parked I got out. So did Harry. He walked me inside and when he turned o leave I called his name. "Harry!''


            "Thank you for you know before."

          "I would never let anyone hurt you." he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine. And with that, he left. One thing I'll never understand is how a girl like me, can be so blind to the obvious. How they think a boy is there, when the boy tells you that he'll protect you when the whole time he's been staring the girl sitting alone at the bar, when you're to prone to getting hurt.

~Ello loves. Anywhale, I seriously need you guys right now. I have a whole plan on where this story is going but I need your opinions. I have a series of questions to ask. Here we go:

-Should I continue or give up?
-Who do you guys want Carter to end up with?

Thanks! Please comment!

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