Forgeting isn't Easy

Carter left to England to leave the spotlight. She hated it, and now no one knows who she is. Carter always works and never thinks of herself, until a certain 5 boys help her realize what she really wants. And just like every other boy, they fall for her. Too bad she wont be there to catch them. Or does she?


2. Why?

Carter's P.O.V.-

              I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I haven't had an anxiety attack since I was 6. I couldn't believe I was having one now. I mentally calmed myself down, something my therapist taught me when they first started. I breathed in and out through my mouth and all eyes were still on me, the girl in panic. The one with curly hair motioned to me first as the others nodded in agreement. I heard nothing at all. "I'm sorry. can you repeat that?" I was still so confused.

            "Haven't we met before? I'm pretty sure I'd remember a beautiful face like yours." he told me again and winking. He was obviously extremely cheeky. My breathing slowed to normal.

          "Uh no, never. sorry." I replied giving a fake and nervous smile. I stood up and straightened my clothes out for what seemed like the 500th time today.

          "What would you lovely ladies like to do today?" came from the boy with blonde hair. I ignored him.

          "Girls come one I'm taking you to see a movie. Let's go." I told them. They looked so disappointed.

          "But they just got here. Can they come too?" little Safaa asked. It broke my heart into tiny pieces but I couldn't risk it. I shook my head no in response.

          "C'mon, its a movie not skydiving. Do you got a problem with us love?" a boy with similar Toms asked me.

          "Let's get one thing straight here. I'm not a fan. I never was. Never will be. I think boybands are a waste of time, money, effort and most of all, talent. Because in 20 years majority of you will be washed up bums that smoke drugs to fill the empty void that was not fulfilled in your wonder years. Maybe one of you would be fortunate enough to make it as a solo until you find yourself in the same situation as the rest, or worse because the spotlight is no longer on you. Did I make myself clear? Or did I stutter?" I replied in a tone more rude than intended. I guess I wasn't clear enough because each of them started laughing. I rolled my eyes and went outside. I got inside my car and a few tears made their mark down my cheek as I saw the girls walking out and joined me in the car. I turned on the radio because I knew that always made Safaa smile. Her small voice echoed in the car as she sang and me and Waliyha hummed along to the songs that played on and on. I kept noticing a black truch following our same path but I thought nothing of it. I got a pretty good parking spot and lost sight of the truck that had been following us just moments ago.

          We entered the local movie theater and bought tickets to Madagascar 3. Everything was going fine until I saw the same 5 boys I ditched here heading towards the same theatre room. "Why are you here?" I asked.

         "We never got your name love." the one named Zayn told me. I rolled my eyes and noticed that they all had tickets to the same movie. I sighed aloud and noticed that once again, all eyes were on me. I shifted on my feet when I heard my name being yelled.  I turned toward the entrance, an unintentional grin grew on my face as I ran. I was caught in the arms of the school's quarterback. He hugged me tight and gave me a sweet innocent kiss on he lips. We stayed there for a while laughing when we started heading back towards the others. My girls threw themselves in a bear hug at him and like many times he pulled them over his shoulders making them laugh. "Oh yeah sorry, guys this is Ricky, my boyfriend." I informed them and I noticed they all shifted uncomfortably and looked oddly disappointed. I felt Ricky put his high school football varsity jacket on my shoulders. I smiled to myself. I couldn't help but see the 5 pairs of eyes looking everywhere else other than myself and I just could not resist asking myself a repetitive question, Why me? Why now? Why them? All three being asked over and over in my head. At that time, I didn't know it but those 5 boys would not only change my point of view on life but also my future as a person.

~A/N: Sorry for the sucky chapter... But thank you for reading this I will update Chapter 3 soon!~

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