Forgeting isn't Easy

Carter left to England to leave the spotlight. She hated it, and now no one knows who she is. Carter always works and never thinks of herself, until a certain 5 boys help her realize what she really wants. And just like every other boy, they fall for her. Too bad she wont be there to catch them. Or does she?


1. Welcome to My Life...

Carter's P.O.V.-

                 My name is Carter, yes I am a girl named Carter. My last name, Torrid. My parents? Never met 'em. I'm what people categorize as an orphan. I got adopted 16 years ago by a nice couple, John Torrid and Lucy Torrid. My adoptive mother passed 3 months ago by stupid cancer. My "dad" has been a depressed time bomb ever since. I'm a typical 17 year old American girl. Except for the fact that I'm a two time Olympic gold medalist for all around gymnastics. I would love to go for a third win but I can't I'll be way to old to compete against 14 year old girls. Moving on, I have brown hair that's wavy when it wants to, straight when it wants to and extremely curly when it wants to. I have big brown eyes. I'm only 5'3, short I know, and only 80 pounds, no I'm not anorexic or bulimic I actually eat A LOT. Just my metabolism I guess. Any way, I am now cheerleading captain, student council president, president of the Spanish club, and I'm in the honor society. I obviously have a very busy schedule. Oh yes, my dad moved me to England because the press was too much for him to handle, as if he handled it at all.

               I pulled into the paved drive way of the family I sitted for. their home was fairly large considering we only live in Bradford. I hate Bradford. hate it, hate it, hate it. Even if I knew it like the back of my hand. I got out of my 2012 Jeep Wrangler. I fixed my red blazer that matched with my sparkly red Toms. my brown hair was exceptionally curly today. My small black leather backpack hung from my shoulders. I stepped into the house using the key of the girls on it. I threw myself on the couch and turned on the T.V. The typical thunder of footsteps came from the stairwell. Waliyha and Safaa threw themselves on me and I instantly accepted since I've baby-sitted them for over a year now. "The beautiful Patricia struts down the stairwell in a pink and blue nursing uniform that really makes those gorgeous eyes of hers just pop. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Mrs. Malik."  I shouted as Patricia came and greeted me. She laughed, her laugh was one of those laughs that make you smile because they are so comforting.

"Now, Carr, honey, we have some visitors upstairs and please excuse the late notice. I still need you to sit, I honestly don't trust them," she chuckled. I was so confused, I was still confused when she walked out of the door. I sat down and I heard the sound of a stampede proceed down the stairs. the living room was then filled with yelling, screaming but most of all violence.  I was getting a huge headache and I had only been there for less than 10 minutes.

"CALM YOUR SELVES DOWN AND CONTROL YOURSELVES!" I yelled at the top of my lungs which was incredibly loud considering my tiny size. On instruction, the room got so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. All eyes were on me as I fumed with hatred for the 5 boys in front of me.

No One's P.O.V.-

                all five boys' eyes stopped on the beautiful girl in front of hem. she was absolutely captivating, her essence in the room brought it to life and created a different environment. There was something about her that their feelings could not control. She looked so firmiliar. They all thought if they had met her once before. It was on the tip of their tongues. But she made them speechless.

Carter's P.O.V.-

                I could only hope that they would not recognize me. If they did, this whole no- one- knowing about- me- being- an- Olympian- plan is over. They didn't say anything yet so maybe they forgot. I released the breath I didn't even know I was holding and sat down. They really did forget, these idiots. I laughed in my head. But I spoke way to soon, of course, someone opened their mouth.  


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