Forgeting isn't Easy

Carter left to England to leave the spotlight. She hated it, and now no one knows who she is. Carter always works and never thinks of herself, until a certain 5 boys help her realize what she really wants. And just like every other boy, they fall for her. Too bad she wont be there to catch them. Or does she?


5. I've missed you

Carter's P.O.V.-

            When I wake up I'm in a car. I look to my left and I see Liam driving like a maniac. "What happened?" I ask with a hoarse voice.

           "I'm so sorry Carter, I followed you too the park and I saw you doing these amazing tricks on the monkey bars and I told you that I remembered where I saw you last. That's when you fell, you fell and hit your cranium. It's all my fault." he managed through a cracking voice. I put my hand on his shoulder to comfort him

          "No it's not. Just take me to the Malik's." I told him. We drove for about 10 minutes in silence, my wrist throbbed like heck. When we reached the drive way,  I unbuckled and gathered my things,  I reached over and gave Liam a peck on the cheek. "Thank you." and I walked into the house. I turned to close the door as I saw Liam drive away and waving goodbye to me. I closed it and leaned against it blushing and smiling like crazy. 

          "Does someone fancy someone else while she's dating a football player?" I was asked and I turned immediately to see Zayn in his pajama pants, that was it no shirt. God! Why were these boys so damn gorgeous?! I stood up straight and stood my ground.

         "I don't fancy anyone." I informed him as I pushed past him towards my bed room. I opened the door to the blue room covered in graffiti.

          "Woah, what room is this?" Zayn asked with those hazel eyes wide. He walked around the room as if it were new territory.

         "you're kidding. You've never been in here?" I asked.

        "NO, never. This room is incredible." he told me. I blushed and put my bag down.

Zayn's P.O.V.-

        This room was like a different world. Purple, silver, and green lights hung from the ceiling in long drapes in patterns along the wall. The patterns spelled her name and  swirls. The blue walls had graffiti on them along with a mural of a forest. On another wall was pictures and paintings of all things enchanting. A king size bed was leaning against the mural covered with throw pillows. Dressers, bookcases, and closets lined the room along with a purple sofa.  "This is my room." she told me.

         "You have a room here?" I asked startled at the thought that a girl only welcomed to the family 2 years ago had a room in MY house.

       "Yeah, things at home haven't been so swell to I started living here. Your family is incredible. Now if you excuse me, I want to change." she said as she ushered me out of the room. i waited downstairs on the couch when i heard the soft padding of her slippers pitter-patter on the staircase. Her walk was so delicate just like herself. She sat down on the other couch with a blanket to cover her self, it hid her gray tank top and blue checkered pajama pants. Her beautiful chocolate brown hair sat in waves descending down her small back. In my time, i have seen over a hundred gorgeous girls but there was that something about her that made them look like rubbish. I wasn't sure if it was the eyes, hair, mile, dimples, or everything else. Maybe it was just Carter in general.

        "Why ya sitting so far deary?" I asked her. Her eyes met mine and my breath hitched. She walked over and plopped herself right next to me. She looked at me again.

       "Better? Hope youre comfortable hotshot 'cos i will not move again. " She told me in that angelic voice of hers grinning. I nodded and pressed play.

      We spent the whole night watching movies. Carter fell asleep on the seventh one. The way she fell asleep is what got me. She fell asleep leaning against y chest, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Carter is like a little puppy, she's warm and sweet and soft and adorable and so small it felt right to have her there. But i wouldn't let myself fall for her, just because i knew all the other boys fancied her. Maybe i fancied her too, would that be so bad? Who am i kidding? She wouldn't fancy a boy like me, especially when she's got a boy like Ricky to call her boyfriend. Carter was awake getting dresses while i sat there on the couch contemplating life on an old couch with old rips from our old dog, Safana. Yup, Safaa named her after herself. Safana died before i went to the X-Factor. Before Carter came. But Safana was a temporary thing, we didn't know that until she was gone. I can only hope that Carter wont be temporary because like Safana, we've all grown attached to her. Maybe a little too much. Carter stepped down the stairs in all black. "Going to a funeral today, huh?" I asked laughing. She shoved me gently and smiled.

          "I'm working at Applebee's. I work there every Sunday. Then i go and volunteer at the animal shelter." she said. I don't think she's ever thought of doing something for herself. You don't find girls like that anymore.

         "Well, maybe you should start taking sleep courtesy classes. You totally invaded my personal space last night." I said with an extremely serious face. Her face was full of terror and shock her cheeks were the color of the wall, bright red. I laughed hysterically. I held my stomach from laughing so much. "I'm kidding!" i told her and relief washed over her.

       "So not funny. I hate you!" Carter spit at me.

      "Do you now? Why do i find that so hard to believe then sweet heart?" I asked as i stepped dangerously close.

      "Possibly because your ginormous ego clouds up your sense of judgment and common sense." She composed as she stepped dangerously close as well. She was brave, I could tell by her tone and actions. Possibly a little to brave for her own good.

      "Watch yourself. Those who play with fire, are bound to get burnt." I told as I got closer and closer.

      "And those who play on the traintracks, are bound to get hit." She said as she stepped so closer our bodies were touching. Our faces centimeters apart. We were like magnets, our opposing personalities pulled us together. Our force was tight. Nothing could break it. I leaned in and our lips touched. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Sparks flew in my lips it went down my throat to my stomach. She was captivating in every way possible. I wanted to stay there for forever, i wanted to kiss her for forever. Carter pulled away. She smiled, but then she frowned. "Oh gosh. Zayn, I'm a terrible person. That shouldn't have happened. That is not okay. Oh my gosh." she was freaking out with horror written all over her face.

     "C'mon Carter. Don't tell me that I'm the only one who felt sparks, who felt that that kiss felt so right. Whether you like it or not, that kiss was special." i told her but all she did was shake her head.

     "No Zayn! It wasn't right, it was wrong and it will never ever happen again. Understand?" she said with a voice as cold as the winters in Bradford. I nodded just as the doorbell rang. I went and opened it to find Ricky standing there with flowers. And he was obviously here for Carter because he ran to her.

      "Carter, I've missed you so much. I have loved you since the moment i met you. I don't ever want to lose you. You are the girl i care about and one i want to make happy. " he said. Carter was smiling but she looked at me when they hugged and mouthed 'I am so sorry' and they kissed. They kissed in front of me and every part of my body ached as i watched them. Ricky was one heck of a lucky guy. I realized that when they walked outside, hand in hand. I was a fool. For one second i honestly thought that maybe just maybe, Carter took some sort of interest in me too. But what's the point? She is happy with a boy that loves her the way she loves him. I never loved a girl, I'm not sure if i love Carter. I do however know that only one thing can heal my broken heart. I searched through my contacts to talk to an old friend. It rang 3 times before someone answered.

      "Hey Robert? Yeah it's Zayn. I know its been a while. I'm good, been doing well. Anyway, I was wondering, you still got some of the STUFF to spare for me? Great. Meet you at 12." and the line went dead.

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