Forgeting isn't Easy

Carter left to England to leave the spotlight. She hated it, and now no one knows who she is. Carter always works and never thinks of herself, until a certain 5 boys help her realize what she really wants. And just like every other boy, they fall for her. Too bad she wont be there to catch them. Or does she?


3. I see

Zayn's P.O.V.-

            I knew my mom hired a babysitter after I got big in the X-Factor but I have never mat a girl like Carter before. She was cold like ice but hot like fire when she found something she was passionate about, like watching my sisters.  As much as I was entertained by her intimidating act, I couldn't help but feel as if I was being replaced. When I first came home, the hall that was once filled with pictures of me and my family, was filled with pictures of Carter and my family. There was even one of her and MY grandfather at his 81st birthday party that I couldn't attend. Some were of her at her birthday parties, some of her at my family's birthday parties, and Christmas, New Years, Easter, and even Pakistani holidays. I really was being replaced.

            I was in the hallway staring at the pictures which still seemed foreign to me. My mom walked by and put her caring hand upon my shoulder. "She's beautiful right?" she asked. I turned around to see sincere eyes staring at the pictures as well. I felt hollow, vacant, as if I had been shot right in the heart.

           "She is replacing me." I told her straight out. I was honestly blunt not caring if I hurt her feelings. The look my mom gave me only made me feel worse. It was a steely cold look that was almost as bullet-proof as iron. I never want to experience that stare again.

           "Zayn, how could you say that? Carter has been with this family when you left to live your life. She is kind, polite, sweet, funny, intelligent, and practically perfect, Carter is a perfect role-model for YOUR sisters. She makes them smile and is like their other sibling. No, she is not replacing you. No one can replace you, you are their only brother and they love you. Honestly Zayn, as much as I would like to say fame hasn't changed you, I can't. they way you act towards her is only proving that." my own mother scolded me this. Only now did I realize how foolish I have been. Carter could never replace me, I'm Zayn Malik. Boyband superstar. Older brother. Son. Cousin. And, friend.

          I stepped down the staircase to the dining room. Seated at the table wee the remaining lads, Carter looking so beautiful in a sweatshirt but still beautiful, and my sisters. "Ello Zayn, they were just telling us about their trip to Pakistan." Liam told me with a foolish grin on his face. She went to Pakistan with them? I have never been to Pakistan.

            "Oh Zayn! It was so much fun! We went and visited family and friends. They all loved Carter. They even did this little ceremony where they accepted her as a family member! It was so exciting and fun! You would've loved it!" Safaa told me. I noticed how my other sister has been very quiet lately. She has gotten so skinny and looks frail. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. I lost my train of thought when Louis interrupted and spoke of a game of Frisbee. We all walked outside as Carter got this Frisbee. She was something different that girl.

Liam's P.O.V.-

            Carter, oh, Carter. That girl knew how to make a guy fall for her without tying one bit. I've seen boys like Ricky, all they end up doing is hurting the girl. As bad as it sounds, when it happens to Carter, I want to be her shoulder to cry on. Maybe then she will realize how much I truly like her. Carter, what are you doing to me?

Niall's P.O.V.-

             This girl is 100% perfect. Carter is everything I would ever want in a girl. She loves food like me, she's funny like me, She's kind like me, and so much more. But I may as well be the only one to know that she is just as lost. She needs to be guided not directed to her future. She is too scared of falling. I want to show her I can be that person.

Louis' P.O.V.-

              Gee, this girl, this girl. Carter may not know it but she can play with a boys' emotions like a yo-yo. Carter, my dear Carter, you may not realize it yet but I know you're going to be somebody special to me. I may not know how but I know you will. I can't help but adore that laugh of hers, it's something only special girls like Carter have, Eleanor doesn't have that laugh anymore, that twinkle in her eyes isn't there anymore. But I see it in Carter's, she has a youthfulness to her that every boy finds attractive, especially me. 

Harry's P.O.V.-

                Trust me when I say, I've been in countless relationships that never last long enough to be spoken about during interviews. I always figured that that was the way I was, a player. I figured that I would never settle down because there is too much life to live to be held down. Anyone can tell you I'm not one for commitment, but to be honest, I can see myself with Carter. She is responsible, sassy, kind, passionate, adoring, admirable, intelligent, BEAUTIFUL, and most of all... taken. Taken by a boy who doesn't really love her, who can't love her as much as she deserves to be loved. I can be the man to love her to the fullest, the one who can show her what being in love is really all about, if she just gave me a chance.

Ricky's P.O.V.-

      I opened the gate to the backyard of the Malik household. I walk in to see MY girl tussling and arguing with the 5 retards who can barge into Bradford with no warning without any limits. I stroll over give my bear hugs to the girls and wrap my arms around Carter's petite frame. She fits like a puzzle piece. Carter is startled and turns around, when she realizes it me, her boyfriend a foolish grin appears on her flawless face. I tilt her chin and give her a passionate kiss. Just to show those boys who's the man in Carter's life. She is MINE. She doesn't kiss back like I had expected, instead she pulls away. I see disappointment in those big brown eyes that I've grown to love.

"Never, ever, kiss me like that again" she scolds me. My own girlfriend scolded me for kissing her. She pulls out of my reach and sits in a patio chair looking into nothingness. I turn and see 5 smirking faces, those idiots. I see the way they look at Carter, the way the boys in school look at her, the way I look at her. But when they look at the girl, that I've loved since I've met her, I see something else, I see... hope.


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