Forgeting isn't Easy

Carter left to England to leave the spotlight. She hated it, and now no one knows who she is. Carter always works and never thinks of herself, until a certain 5 boys help her realize what she really wants. And just like every other boy, they fall for her. Too bad she wont be there to catch them. Or does she?


4. I knew you were special

Carter's P.O.V.-

                 My head has been all clouded up lately. I can't think straight anymore. Ricky and I have been avoiding each other which is practically impossible considering we have every class together. My feelings for that boy have been slowly fading since those 5 boys came to Bradford. I've grown very close to them over the past 2 weeks. They're something special those boys, but I still don't know how I feel about any of them yet. Sadly, I spend a lot of time with Zayn because it is his house. I've noticed Zayn is very obnoxious and has an ego that can barely fit in the house. Other than that, he's very sweet, especially to his sisters. They love having him around. The others are practically always here even though they have  nice hotel room.  But hey, the more the merrier right? I sure hope so.

                I was walking around the house when I heard sobbing. I stopped and tried to determine where it was coming from. I walked in and saw Waliyha crying in the corner of the purple room. I walked over to her and put my arms around her. "shhhh its okay hunny. I'm here. What's the matter?" I asked her. she sniffled and calmed down a bit.

               "I'm so sorry." is all she told me before she lifted her sleeve of the long sleeve sweater and showed me a line of perfectly straight scars. I had not noticed her cutting herself. I was shocked, she always seemed okay. I would have never guessed. "I stopped eating too, I'm scared Carr, I'm so scared." She has become anorexic and cuts herself, how does this happen to a girl that has everything.

               "Why?" was all I could manage to get out.

              "I wanted to be skinny like you. And then girls in school started bullying me and I got upset so I started cutting." she answered me and each word broke my heart more and more. I hugged her so tight I forgot how fragile she was.
             "You are perfect the way you are. You are a bazillon times more beautiful than I am." I told her "Promise me you won't ever cut again and you'll eat regularly'

             "I promise. Anything to get better." after I kissed her forehead. I walked out of the room and couldn't shake the feeling that this was my fault, all of it. I trudged down the stairs and looked at 5 faces all concerned.

              "Why the long face love?" Harry asked, I never answered his question I never had the chance too. I just walked out of the house and ran until I was at a playground. Not intentionally I started doing my old floor routines from the Olympics. I did an front araibian mount onto the monkey bars and did every trick possible on them. I kept going until I heard someone talking.

              "I knew I remembered you from somewhere. Olympics 2012. I knew you were special." that was all I heard before my heart stopped and I fell, I fell to a sharp pain in my left wrist and left side of my head.  I do remember seeing my mom with arms open as if she was waiting for me. That was all, all I remember.

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