Daddy (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Liam Payne (of One Direction) is in love with Victoria and Mary. He has to choose their trust to date one of them. He has to find out who he really loves, but along the way he meets Jenna and is instantly in love with her beauty, and kindness and realizes he shouldn't have to choose who he loves. He only picks the girl for him, which in this case is Jenna. But at the end theres a twist.


1. On Stage

Liam's P.O.V.

We all have a wonderful time on stage. But sometimes I feel like I'm just missing something. Sometimes we all feel like that. I'm intrested in two girls, but they want me to choose. How am I ever supposed to choose? They both have good personalities but I'm not really in love with either of them. They want something I'll get it for them, yes! But one thing after another they want more, and more, and more! They think just because I'm famous I'm made of money. I'm not!

I really hate to get upset like that, but sometimes I lose control.

It's cold. rainy days like theese, is when I wish I could stay inside and be warm. All those poor girls outside in the rain, I wish we could let them in.  I think I'm going out there with the girls to give them company.

While I'm outside I instantly notice her! She had red beautiful long hair she was wearing a grey hoodie, and grey boots. She was the most beautiful person I've ever seen. I stared at her for awhile, until she noticed me. When she saw me she smiled. She had dimples, and a white smile. She looked about nineteen. I started walk over to her.

"Liam come on the show's almost on!" said Paul

I turned and while I was walking back to the I looked back at her. I really do hope I see her again. I really do.

When she comes back inside the concert I will tell her to wait after for me. That was my plan, and hopefully it'll work. I wanted to take one last glimps of her befor I opened the door, but she was gone.

She'd come back, right? She'd see me again. I needed to see her again. I needed to talk to the boys!

First I need to talk to Louis, hes been with Elenor long enough to know what I have to do. I searched through the hallways for Louis. No hope. Then I found Zayn, hes been with Perrie for long enough, I'll ask him instead.

"Zayn hold up! I have to ask you something." I yelled, he stopped instantly to see who called his name.

"What do you need, Liam?" Zayn asked.

"I saw a girl outside she had red long straight hair, and big brown eyes, a-and-" I lost my breath. Zayn finished my sentence for me.

"I get it you like her, but you just broke up with Dan-" I stopped Zayn from saying anything else. I just wanted to forget about Danielle. We had a good run, but we were through, and I'm happy she has a new boyfriend.

"I know I know, but this girl is....." I couldn't say anything else because I didn't know what she was like. I never talked to her. I finished my sentence with "beautiful."

"Well what if her personality isn't beautiful. Did you think of that? I was one of the lucky ones because Perrie is beautiful and smart and has an amazing personality! That's what you want in a girl, ok Liam? I'm just trying to protect you!" Zayn said. He seemed mad but I didn't want to upset him more so I agreed and continued looking for Louis.    

I know Zayn's right but-but. He's right. I just want to hear it from Louis because he's been with Elenor longer her might have better advice.

Wait what am I doing? I thought, I'm Daddy Direction! I can make my own desions! I Love That Girl!!

What was I thinking, asking other people. I'm the responsible one. But, I still dont want to make the same mistake I did with Danielle. We just weren't the couple everybody thought would break up. Like the Titanic everybody thought it was unsinkable. But it sank. It always happens in relationships unless if your Zayn, or Louis. Sometimes I get jealous, how can they keep a girlfriend and I can't? How can they find the prefect one? I can't that's for sure. I tried, as hard as I could to be the best boyfriend, but it always falls apart.

That's the thing everything breaks wether it's toys ot hearts. We have to glue the pieces together. Start all over! That's my desion, I want her, badly. I'm going to find her too. When I do I want to dedicate my life to her. Show her that I have time for her, I will love her. If only Danielle could see me now.

I think I'm someone different. I really feel different.

"1 minute till stage time!" called out Paul

I had to dry off quickly! My hair wouldnt take long but  everything else would.

"I can't believe you dried off in thirty seconds flat!" Harry said

"I can't believe I didn't talk to her." I slowly said under my breath hoping no one would hear.

"What!" Zayn shouted " I told you she wasn't worth it! You didn't even meet her!

"I saw her!" I Yelled back I've never been this mad before I regret it all.

"Just forget about h-"

"Here comes One Direction with their new album Take Me Home!" The annoucer yelled through the megaphone.

That saved my life. We started singing then we got to Irresistible. I broke out in tears. I looked for her in the crowd. She wasn't there. Zayn looked at me, he knew she ment a lot to me.


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