Daddy (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Liam Payne (of One Direction) is in love with Victoria and Mary. He has to choose their trust to date one of them. He has to find out who he really loves, but along the way he meets Jenna and is instantly in love with her beauty, and kindness and realizes he shouldn't have to choose who he loves. He only picks the girl for him, which in this case is Jenna. But at the end theres a twist.


2. Him

Jenna's P.O.V.

Was Liam Payne really looking at me? I'm just a normal girl from Wolverhampton. What would Liam Payne see in me? I need to take a breath all this fog it getting to me. I walked inside to the bathroom. I needed my jacket I Pulled it off my waist and put it on.

The concert is almost starting I ran back inside to get to the stage. I put my hood up because it was raining harder then ever. I kept it on to, during the whole concert. I don't know why but I was still cold and I wanted to stay warm.

My freind Jenny came with me to the concert, she loved Harry! I love Niall, and Liam. Well honestly I love everyone but I just like them a little more.

This concert was so different. Liam seemed sad during the whole concert! He even started crying during the song, Irresistable. Then I started crying, his tears flooded down from his eye to his cheek and dripped down. I've been though a lot in my life, but this had to be the most sad. It was almost like it was directly to me. Was it? This whole time, to me?  I mean when he looked at me, did it mean something?

I couldn't be I'm just a fan, supporting who I love. But he's that person. I full on support them through thick and thin. Anyway, Liam just broke up with Danielle so he wouldn't be looking for a new girlfriend. I also just went through a harsh break up too. Even if he did seem intrested in me I couldn't get with someone. I'm still upset about the break up too, I'm to gulible right now, I need to strengthen up. People would bully me because I'm a "whore" and other things. But I know better, I just have to stay low. I still have some friends like Jenny.

I needed to hear a happy song, right now all I'm hearing are sad songs~Little things, Last First Kiss, Change My Mind, Over Again, Summer Love, Loved You First~ You get the point. Anyway they just keep bringing me down, you know. I can't get a break.

Finally Live While We're Young, it made me feel a bit better. Change My Mind was when I started bawling.

That was it. The concert was over, I loved it, but something was missing. I walked out slowly, I was the last one, just admiring the beautiful building. Thinking to myself, I saw One Direction there. I was amazed how wonderful it was, so much passion. I sat in front of the building, in the rain, with Jenny. She was trying to cheer me up, even though she didn't know why I was sad, she didn't ask, that made me feel better.

Liam's crying made me cry, I really love that boy. Niall did his special jump, Zayn read the Twitter questions, Harry and Louis did hip thrusts the whole concert, and I sat there with my hood up claping, but not screaming. I don't know why.

I wasn't really in the mood for talking at the moment. So I sat there. Soon Jenny left, she had to. So I sat alone, in the rain, I had no thought for any thing else but myself. Today was about me.

I drove home to find my parents fighting in the kitchen. They sat me on the couch, my mom stroked my hair and made me feel warm.

"Hunny, your dad and I felt we didn't get along very well, we're getting a divorce." My mom exclaimed I had had a bad enough day already and to top it off.

"Well, this is the highlight to my day" tears streaming down my face. I ran to my room where I wouldn't be bothered. I wanted to sit and have nobody talk to me. I watched One Direction interveiws, to make myself feel better but it didn't. I listened to every happy song they have, in both albums. Nothing. I was uncurable.

I grabed a suitcase and opened a window taking everything I cared most about. I always snuck out but this time I wasn't comming back.

I had collected a bit of money for a train to a place I've always wanted to go. This was the most sad thing thats ever happend to me.




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