Girl Direction;Game On(;

My passion. My life. My everything. Singing and music. If it weren't for those two things then I would be a reck. Whenever I perform In front o people all of my problems just wash away. It's like they never existed. Those two things helped me survive middle school and most of high school. And now I get to share them with my best friends. My sisters. Who knew that one day you decide to do something so stupid and then it changes my whole life. OUR whole life.


1. Psychic Powers?

Hillary's POV

2011- August 23

"Guys this is so stupid, we don't have to do this."
I can't believe we're doing this, a talent show is SO stupid.
Don't get me wrong, I love performing with all my heart.
But being judged by your talents? I don't know, I just don't like it..
What are we gonna get from this?
Fake Friends?
Constant attention?
Billions of hate and/or fake compliments?
Exactly. There's no great outcome. But I love music with all my heart, and I just absolutely Love performing..but at school?
That's just creating problems. I might get tons of friends but I want real ones.
Besides, I got my girls, nothing wrong with that(;
"Course we do Hillary! It'll be fun, trust me!"
Lia said with such enthusiasm.
Yep Lia, cause you always think positive thoughts..not all of us..
"Hillary calm down! It'll be okay..besides its our last year of high school! Who knows what could happen after this talent show?"
"Oh Luci..lets see! OMG WE COULD GET DISCOVERED! "
Note the sarcasm.
She was about to pounce back but our name got called to go up on stage..
Here we go..
"Please give a round of applause for Girl Direction!"
We went out in order as usual.
First Nelly, then Lia, then Zendaya, then Luci, and finally, Me.
We went to our microphone stands and Zendaya called out to the crowd.
The crowd went wild, we all chuckled at this.
The music began..playing Christina Aguilera's Fighter.


Zendaya winked.
Oh Zendaya.
We all just laughed at Zendaya and continued walking to my car. We won, yep first place! Luci and me were playing with the trophy and throwing it around, were just that silly(;
"Guys be careful with that! It's fragile!"
"Your fragile!"
"Nice come back Luci!"
I high-fived her, then we chest bumped!
Lia just gave us glares.
"Lia..lighten up! We're having a little fun!"
"Just be careful!"
"Luci you calm down too"
"Whatever Lia"
She pouted. Lia just giggled and walked towards Nelly, who obviously was eating a hamburger.
We got to Luci's car and drove to my house, we're having a sleepover!
"Did we really do that good? You know, to get first place? I mean..those ballet dancers were really good! I honestly thought they would win..not get second place.."
Nelly said, shoving chips in her mouth.
"You that I think about it..yeah I do! I mean..did we really do that good?"
I asked, I was kind of surprised..I thought we were good..but not First Place good!
You're probably thinking, it's a school talent show! That's not important, well to us it is..
We go to a very, VERY, high class school of arts. It's very expensive and VERY professional.
So it matters. A LOT.
"Duhhhhh! Guys we did amazing!"
"You're right Zendaya, I think we did do pretty good!"
"Guys..we could actually make it out there..I'm not trying to sound conceded or anything but..I think we're really could actually happen for us!"
I had to agree with my best friend Luci..we could actually make it happen.
"I will be laughing my arse off, if what Hillary said about being discovered comes true"
"I'll be laughing to Nelly..I will be too!"
But what i didn't know is..
I truly have psychic powers.
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