Summer Love - One Shot

"You were mine for the summer, now I know it's nearly over, feels like snow in September, but I always will remember. You were my summer love, always will be my summer love"

Wrote this short little story, with inspiration from the song by One Direction called Summer Love. It's not a fan fiction, just a normal love story based on the song.


2. Can't believe you're packing your bags.

She was in the bedroom. Her bags filled the entrance, and they were the only witness of what had happened in the house that summer. A boy and a girl, was in love. It was a love that would never end. They made an agreement.
She would move in with him, in his house, and they would be together for the summer. When the summer ended, she would go back to her college 1000 miles away. Then they wouldn't even know eachother. Only the faint memories, would tell...

She came the first day of summer, with her bags and a big smile. He opened the door, and helped her with the bags. Together they unpacked and he showed her around in the house. He kissed her, under the sun. They held hands, when they went shopping in town. He smiled to world, wasn't ashamed to show his girl to the world.
She wasn't ashamed to be his girl. They didn't even think about the day they had to say goodbye, it seemed so far away. It was only about what happened now. The future wasn't near.
They went in the cinema, and they would kiss when the hero got his girl. He would fall asleep at night, with a smile on his face, and his girl next to him. She would fall asleep, smelling his chest and feel safe.
They would run in the rain, and she finally got her passionate kiss in the rain. They jumped in the pits on the street and became wet. But it didn't matter because they were doing it together.
Bedtime was when they saw the sun. Party all night. His friends wondered who she was, and she wrote to her friends about her hero. She belonged to him, but only for the summer. They didn't forget their time together was limited.
Every morning they woke up like it was their last day on earth. Like every kiss could be their last, and every hug like it could be te last time they saw eachother. He bought her roses, and a ring. Asking her to be his forever. She said 'no' remembered that they only had a month left. He asked her to be his in her heart, and he took the ring and put it on her finger. She smiled and hugged him.
He was the happiest man alive. Every night he would put a cross in the calender, so he wouldn't forget just one day. Every second mattered. 
He woke up every morning, and had to make sure she was still there. She woke up every morning, and hoped not to see her dorm room around her.

Now she had to back there soon. The tears streamed down her face, as she was alone in the bedroom. He was cooking their last meal together, and burning all the evidence that she had ever been there. 
Closing the last back, she hesitated. He asked her to stay this morning, but she had to say no. Even though she didn't want to leave she had to. She couldn't break their promise.
She came down, in a flowy, floral summer dress. Soon it would be too cold to wear that dress. Her curly, blonde hair hanged down and floaded on her shoulders. It framed her face, and she tried to put on a smile. It was hard.
He looked at her, when she came down, and had to remind himself that it wasn't a dream. Soon it could just have been a dream, but right now it really happened. The food was on the table, and he lit the candles. There were wine in their glasses, and they enjoyed their last time together.
One last kiss before the taxa picked her up. That would bring her to the airport, and then she would forget all about him. She would go back to her normal day, finishing her college and in ten years, he hoped to see her name in the newspaper.
She cried when she closed the door in the car. He waved and she waved back.

"Goodbye my love" he wispered, when she disappeared in the sun.

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