Heart Attack

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3. Thank You


Harry's Point Of View

This girl is simply beautiful.  I have noticed this ever since I saw her sitting in the back during the concert, about to put earphones in.  I found that intriguing and decided to steal the microphone from Louis and get her attention.  I was staring at her the whole concert, not taking my eyes off of her own blue pair.  I could tell that she didn't notice for she was too busy dealing with the little girl screaming right next to her.  Hell, I even pointed right at her at the end of Live While We're Young.  While singing probably our most romantic songs, I couldn't keep my mind off of her.  I know it's kind of shallow to fall in love with someone because of their looks, but, there is a little thing called love at first sight and I have become a believer because of this chick.  

While I was trying to get to my room, dodging the screaming fans, I saw the little girl who was with her running up to me.  At my surprise, I saw the mystery girl coming up behind her.  She seemed not to realize who I was and I assumed that it was because of my hood.  

I wouldn't have even imagined that I would have the chance to meet this fabulous girl.  I didn't even think that I would ever see her again.  But, there she was, her luxious brown hair in a mess and her cheeks rosy pink.  It must be fate, right?  

I took advantage of the opportunity and invited the two back to my room.  I had to talk to her or I would regret not knowing her name for the rest of my life.  And now, here we are.  In my room with the little one asleep and she had just finished teasing me about my pink blanket.  God, so far, she is perfect.

When she walks over to put the blanket on who seems to be related to her, I can't help but grin like crazy.  This is my big chance and I'm not going to pass it up.  I reached out for her, grabbing her wrist and lightly pulling her down to sit down on my lap, her face nearly inches apart from mine.  Her cheeks are light pink and she stares at me with her blue eyes as if she's looking right through me.

"So, you're name is Red, right?"  I heard her name earlier when the little girl begged her to come here.  Red nods her head ever so lightly that I can barely tell that she's answering my question. "Do you have a last name?"

"... Clark."  She hesitated at first and I can tell that she is embarrassed to be sitting like this.  But I absolutely will not let her go. 

"Wow, that's a common one.  What about your middle name?"

"Terra."  She replied almost instantly.  Good, she's getting more comfortable.

"Terra, hmm?  That's really pretty."  I compliment her and bring my lips to her ear.  What is coming over me?  "But Red is prettier."  

I don't need to look up to know that her cheeks are now fully pink.  I pull back and stare at her.  "So, wanna chat, Red Terra Clark?"

Red's Point Of View

"Sure..."  I'm sitting in his lap, our faces only inches away from each other.  This is all so weird and too good to be true.  Hopefully, I'm not dreaming and this comforting feeling is real.

Harry's face lights up and I can't help but smile along with him, scooching myself to sit beside him to make it easier for us to talk.  "So whatcha wanna talk about?" 

"Where were you born?"  He scared me by how fast he answered.  Maybe he's been thinking about popping that for awhile.  

"Um, well, I was born in London in some town close to Oxford.  But I moved to North Dakota when I was ten."  

Harry's smile doesn't drop, his green eyes gazing at me and shooting through my heart.  Gosh, boy, why do you have to be so darn perfect?? 

"Really?  You didn't strike me as a British girl."

"Well, I used have a really strong accent.  But I can do a killer one if I want to."  I teased him, speaking the last part in my best British accent, which actually isn't half bad if I do say so myself.  I hear Harry laugh and watch him as he speaks.

"Very lovely, Miss Clark, but you're still a rookie compared to me."

I can tell that I am grinning while I reply to him.  "Oh reeally?  Well, I would take up that challenge any day, Styles."

"Oh you're on."

Harry's Point Of View

We competed for about an hour.  Red really knows how to do accents!!  I have to admit that she is better than me in some of them, such as the American ones like Southern, Jersey, and Northern, but I beat her bad in Irish.  Thank you Niall!  

We are laying in the floor, staring at the ceiling while trying to catch our breathes.  I rolled myself over to face her, smiling with the goofiest face I have.  That is sooo going to be our next contest.  She stares at me, dumbfounded of my face and blinking her blue green eyes.  After a few moments we burst out laughing, tears forming on the edges of our eyes.  

I stared at the beautiful brunette in front of me and slowly grabbed her hand, entwining our fingers together.  She stared at me, somewhat surprised at first, but then she begins to look as if she is enjoying it.  

"I won, Styles." She says, grinning.  I grinned back and pecked her nose, which caused her to look surprised... again.  "Yep, you did."  I watch as her cheeks become a rosy color, for the third time tonight.  I can't avert my gaze.  Everything about her is just so wonderful and perfect.  Her light pink chapped lips, smooth skin, dark eyelashes, and her amazing caramel brown hair.  But her beat feature is her eyes.  They are so unusual and brilliantly beautiful. Around her pupil is a light blue, nearly grey, color and round that is pale green.

Red stares at my hand as I reach to brush away the hair from her face.  Just as I touch her, she beings giggling, her eyes closed and her smile wide.  I trace her jawline as softly as I can, smiling as I do so.  I watch her face as she smiles, clearing ticklish.  My finger slowly slides down her neck, stopping at her shoulder.  She stares at me, her cheeks now a soft shade of pink.

This peaceful silence with her is so amazing.  Magical.  Yes, that's the word.  This is all magical.  I'm acting like a love struck fool and I'm sure Louis will bug me about it sooner or later, but, I don't care.  I know I just met her, but, I think I found the one.

Red closes her eyes and I can tell that she enjoys it when I rub her back.  "Harry?"

"Yes, love?"

"What time is it?"

"Umm...."  I pause to look up above the fridge, checking the clock.  "9:48, why?"

In an instant, Red's eyes open and she sits up, my hand falling off of her back.  "Crap!"

Red's Point Of View

Harry looks at me with the most confused look on his face while I stand up and hurry towards Amy.  

"What's wrong?"

"We have to get back."  I said urgently, lightly shaking Amy's small shoulder.  She opens her brown eyes and rubs them, looking at me as if I was an alien.  


"C'mon, angel, wake up.  We have to go home."  I guess he forgot that we are in Harry's room because she does't seem to protest.  I would lift her up and carry her, but, she is just too big for me now.  She's a tall second grader, being nearly half my size.  Then again, I am only 5'6.

"Umm...?"  I turn my head to see Harry, still confused on what's happening.

I had already folded up the blanket and had Amy's hand in mine.  "Thank you for letting us come, Harry."  I told him, rushing as I watch the clock tick.  Only ten minutes until ten.  Aunt Claire is going to freak.

Just as Harry is about to protest our leave, I handed him the pink blanket and looked up at him, staring into his green eyes.  "Thank you."  I told him once again.  Truthfully speaking, I really don't want to leave.  Not because he's Harry Styles, the cutest one from the number one boy band, One Direction, but because he's Harry.  I wonder if that makes any sense.

Right as we are heading past the door, almost completely out of the room, Harry pulls me back and hugs me tight, his arms at my waist.  The sudden tug had made me let go of Amy's hand and now it's like Amy isn't even here; as if it's just Harry and I.

"Don't go."  He muffled into my hair, his breathe tickling my neck.  

"Harry, I have to."  I told him, wishing that I could stay... but I can't.  I slipped out of his arms and took Amy's hand.  We both smile at him, though mine is fake and Amy's looks like a silly photo.  "Thank you."  I said for the last time and we hurried out the door.

Harry's Point Of View

I stare as Red heads out the door, gaping at the sight of a girl running away from me.  I can still feel her warmth on my chest and her soft hair between my fingers.  If only I kissed her.  If only...

Then it hit me.  I have no why to find her again.  Ever again.  We are going back to London tomorrow afternoon.



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