Heart Attack

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1. She Doesn't Want To Go


Red’s Point Of View

Have you ever felt like you’re ears are going to fall off?  Well, that’s what I’m feeling like right now.  There are a trillion girls screaming in my ears.  Well, maybe not that many.  Suddenly, a loud voice blew over the crowd as one boy stepped onto the stage (that is probably bigger than my house!) followed by four others.  Each one held a microphone in their hands and the all used their perfectly toned voices to greet their obsessed fans.  One Direction.

They smiled, looking as innocent as new born puppies, as the crowd grew louder.  The girls’ voices rang in my ears, making them pulse as I put my hands up to them.  One voice stood out in particular.  

“I love you!!!  Omigosh!!!  I have One Direction Infection!!”  My little cousin, Amy, is the loudest one there.  She is only eight and has the vocal chords of a…well, what’s a really loud animal??  

“C’mon Red, you need to yell at a concert!!”  She nudges me in the shoulder and I roll my eyes in return.  Concerts are so not my thing.  Loud, crowded, cramped places will never be under my top ten.  Especially concerts.

Right as I am about to put my ear plugs in (I’m not kidding), another voice blows through a microphone.  ”Hello, ladies!  Or lads, but we prefer the ladies.  First, we will start with Live While We’re Young!”  

I stare at the stage in astonishment, watching the boy’s curls move as he does, the whole group now in position for their dance.  Harry Styles, the most attractive boy in the band, is utterly perfect.  

No, I am so not an obsessive fan like most of the girls here, but, I wouldn’t mind meeting Harry in person.  I have most of their songs on my iPod and I always notice how amazing Harry’s voice is and how it just fits with the lyrics.  Plus, his adorable face that is outlined with brown, thick hair which makes his green eyes stand out.  And I’m a sucker for green eyes.

Just as their song is about to end, the band points towards the crowd and yells their last lyric along with their adoring fans.  ”And live while we’re young!!”  

I couldn’t help but say the phase along with them.  What other choice do I have but to listen for the next hour or two?


Finally, they finish their last song, Last First Kiss.  It’s defiantly my favorite one and I along with thing the whole time.  Thankfully, Amy didn’t notice me and was too distracted by the boys.  The boys did their final pose and the crowd roared, catching me off guard.  I watched as Louis held up his microphone and waved at the screaming fans.  ”Thank you, everyone, for coming!”  He speaks in his amazing British accent, making me smile.  Also, I am a sucker for a British accent.

I watch as Amy’s shoulders slumped and her bottom lip is stuck out in a pout.  It’s obvious that she is upset that the concert is over.  It’s not her first one, but, it’s still a One Direction concert.  Anyone would be upset the moment their see their ideal husbands disappear.  Just as I was about to rub her head and tell her that we’ll go to the next one, she turns her head to me with a huge smile on her face.  And I mean huge. “Can we see them again?”

“Err, yeah.  Sure.  We’ll see them the next time they come in town.”


This catches me off guard and I look at her.  I can tell that my face has confusion all over it.

“Let’s go backstage!”



Amy looks up at me with large, pleading puppy eyes.  Sighing, I stare at her, trying not to give in.  ”Amy, you can’t just go backstage.  You have to have passes.  Plus, the boys are probably about to leave any minute now.  We won’t have time.”

Amy stands up, grabbing my wrist and taking me with her. ”That’s why we’ll sneak in.”

Sneak in?  Are you kidding me?! There will be bodyguards everywhere!I let Amy drag me towards the stage, playing along while screaming on the inside.


We hid behind a corner, peering past the wall as we watched the bodyguards.  The guards’ backs are facing us and they are all busy holding back the other fans.  Gosh… Why am I doing this?  Is ten bucks really worth it?  Nope.

Just as I was about to tell Amy that we need to get home, she darts across the room, her arms stretched out.  

“Amy!” I yell after her, now dodging guards as I run after my little cousin.  I am sooo getting more than ten for this.

I begin to catch my breath as I see a boy holding Amy on his shoulders, a cute smile placed on both of their faces.  Without thinking, I charge at them and flick Amy on the head, scolding her the second I get there.  ”Amy, you idiot!  What if you got hurt or hurt someone!”  

Amy ignores me at first, giggling while staring down at the boy.  She looked up and noticed that I was standing their, my hair in a mess and trying to calm my breathing.  ”Oh, hi Red.”

I stare at her, dumbfounded.  Did she seriously just now notice me?  Even though I yelled at her and even flicked her on the head?!  Was she seriously too much into this guy that she didn’t even realize someone had touched her?!  Who is this guy anyway?!  

I can’t help but lightly glare at him, staring at his grey hoodie.  ”Um, may I have my little cousin back now.”  I didn’t even make it sound like a question or try to be polite. I am a furious seventeen year old who knows how to chew him out.

“Sure thing.”  Suddenly, I hear a strong British accent and an amazing voice.  The boy reaches for Amy and as he holds up his shoulders, his hoodie falls down and reveals the one an only Harry Styles


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